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My birthday is the 17th of this month, and I am greedy. Well, not really. I want some fairly simple things this year, albeit they may not be easy to get. My wishlist for this year’s birthday is:

  1. Someone to buy me a kit from Herrschner's.They’ve had some great deals lately, and I’m tired of not having the money to take advantage of it. Le sigh.
  2. Master the Single Brussles Stitch, also known as the detached buttonhole stitch. It seems like it should be fairly easy, and perhaps I’m doing it with the wrong weight thread, but it’s kicking my arse right now. And it plays a major part in my proposed stumpwork piece for my first SCA Arts & Sciences submission. So, you know, I kinda need to figure it out.
  3. I’m dying for a long, meaty Mag7 ATF:AU (or Skip Trace, although that may not be possible since Charlotte wants to file the serial numbers off, iirc) casefic told from Chris’s point of view, where:

    1. Buck sees ghosts like they were solid people
    2. This turns out to be a major plot point/ help in figuring out the case
    3. Vin seriously starts questioning Buck’s sanity, and pulls some stupid stuff because of it
    4. JD is afraid of Buck after his gift is revealed
    5. Somewhere in the fic is the line: ‘The first time Chris caught Buck talking to a ghost, he almost had him medically discharged from the Navy.’ (This can be modified to fit the scenario if necessary)
    6. Adults or other kids in Buck's childhood were physically abusive, and he has the physical scars to prove it. Buck never discusses them with the others (but Chris knows about them)
    7. Bonus Points if this is a Chris/Buck fic
    8. Points squared if they have a safe-sane-consensual D/S relationship
    9. And cubed if that is also a central plot-point somehow…
    10. 100 million points if Josiah’s girlfriend is actually a pre-op transgender XY.
    11. A Gazillion Million Points Raised To The Infinite Power Times Infinity if you can then transfer all these plot-points into a novel-length Dragonriders of Pern fusion-fic, and make it believable.

  4. And also, I’d love it if someone made me Dragonrider!7 icons.

Pretty please? Someone?

-boogieshoes, giving her fellow mag7 fen 'the big eyes'
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For those of you who are interested, I was called into Jury Duty this week. the experience is under the cut )

If you ever get called up, do bring a book.  But I was actually pretty glad I went, and I learned a lot.

-boogieshoes, proud of doing her civic duty

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so, i was buying barbie dolls for a toys for tots drive the other day and thinking, again, that it would be cool to be able to use my breyer horses in dioramas to tell stories, and that would work great for mag7 'comic book' style re-tellings.  my brain has come up with images of an entire basement-full of 1:9 scale items - houses, carriages, fences, saloon, chairs, etc - populating my own personal 'set'.  only problem is, 1:9 scale pose-able figure dolls are hard to find if you're only familiar with Barbie.  you have to go to Ball-jointed dolls, and then have to customize those because they're made primarily for, well, hobbyists who love to do that sort of thing.

so i just spent a couple hours looking for doll heads and body-parts, and information on customization, when i ran across a page of in-progress pictures.  of doll heads.  with and without eyes. 

staring at me.

even if they have no eyeballs.

trying to suck my soul from my body.

evil creepy f*ckers.

yeah, i forgot how much i'm creeped out by dolls.  especially the eyes.  i hate the eyes, staring at me.  *shivers*  i don't think i could create mag7 char dolls without giving myself nightmares. 

*sheepish look*

of course, i hate mirrors, too, for much the same reason.  creepy non-people staring at you.


-boogieshoes, slinking off with her tail between her legs
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just out of curiosity, does anyone in fandom on my flist know of a story that takes the 'Magical Healing Cock' trope (FanLore link) to it's logical conclusion - that of making the character an actual sex therapist?

i seem to recall that there was one AU in The Sentinel fandom where the Sentinel could literally f*ck his Guide into health.  which is kind of a scary thing, now that i think about it, because what happens if you're already healthy when you have sex?  grow the tail that evolved away?  maybe turn on some of the bits of 'junk DNA' left over from millions of billions of years of evolution?  maybe we shouldn't go there.

anyway, i was wondering about this because i suddenly had a vision of the mag7 guys as a collection of psychiatrists/ psychologists/ therapists.  maybe at the '4C Mind and Body Center'.  i thought yeah, that might be interesting.  the 7 of them working in a whole-body health clinic that integrated therapies for their clients.  Josiah, as the oldest and presumably most experienced, could specialize in profiling patients, building a baseline of personality and needs so that the others could tailor the therapies they offered to fit in best. 

Nathan could be in some kind of internist/ nutritional balance/ pharmacist position, specializing in integrating medicinal therapies with patient requirements.  like, how people with blood pressure medications can't eat grapefruit, or how taking St John's Wort may be a good substitute, but it should be treated like a MAOI drug and the diet adjusted accordingly.

Vin could be the physical therapist, knowing how the body moves, and/or is supposed to move and helping people regain their flexibility and muscle movement.

Ezra could be an occupational therapist. :) 

JD could do be the genius who figures out how to handle each patient's accessibility needs, and how to accomodate them.

Chris would be another psychologist, specializing in helping traumatized patients with PTSD and/or wounded warrior type stuff and etc.

And if Buck ain't a sex therapist... i'm not sure where to put him ;)  just call him mr. Dr. Ruth.

this idea is up for grabs, if anyone wants to use it.  i'm tagging this post as a dream-journal entry so it's easier to find.

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so, it's been a while since i've updated.  partially, i've been just kind of tired lately, and partially, not much to say. 

today i have stuff to say )

and that's the state of me, today.  tired, but content, angsty but staying with it.

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a short note to[ profile] wneleh , first - i offered to write up an essay on my internal process while i searched for, and found, Wicca as my spiritual path.  she asked me today if she'd missed this essay, and no, she didn't.  it's on the list, but i haven't written anything yet, partially because i've been busy, partially because i've been socked by allergies, and mostly because i usually have to be in the mood to wrote stuff like that.  i haven't been in the mood to be thinky lately (see allergies), so i've been crafty instead. :-p  sorry,[ profile] wneleh .

*sighs* you can't fix stupid! )
predictable story about Republicans is predictable )

as the world turns... )

how to seriously tick me off )

ts elliot's cats are alive and well )

possible mag7 plotbunny )


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so... the 'chicken dance' is a traditional dance** of my ethnicity/upbringing***.  we're talking real cultural(iv) stuff here, folks.  and no one can make this look good.  not Shakira, not Seal, not Micheal Flatly - *no one*.  this is possibly because the music for the dance is a German polka, and whoever invented this mode of musical expression should be shot, revived, and shot again, just for true justice to prevail(e).

and in a moment of complete randomness, my brain presented me with a picture of two immortals looking at Methos, and betting on whether or not they could connive him into doing the chicken dance.  someone, please, write this crack!fic.  i will pay you a million internet dollars if you do! :-)


**there are regional variations, of course.  i was taught a version where the third clap happens under a raised knee.
*** if by 'ethnicity', you mean 'white American mongrel', 'military', 'Midwest American', or some combination of all three.
(iv) i found a youtube video of a version of the 'chicken dance' on lawrence welk, which is undoubtedly why this is such a big thing.  and also why it's only danced at weddings.
(e) and also, because accordians are more fun to shoot than bagpipes.  trufax! (6)
(6) Footnote 1 is left as an excercise for the reader.
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so it's pretty cold out there this morning - so cold that as i was driving along i thought 'dude, it feels like it's freezing out here!'  and then i passed a bank with the requisite bank sign touting the temperature - 32F.  'well no wonder it feels like it's freezing - it really is!'  oi.  stepping out the door this morning led to instant jaw aches.  and people wonder why i hibernate in winter.

i other news, i've been dreaming of voltron movies this weekend.  sad to say that even though in my dreams, they really screwed up the movie, the script review i read this weekend doesn't actually look much better.  as the reviewer said, as a standalone sf movie, it's ok; as a voltron movie, it needs mucho helpo.  otoh, reading the review made me wonder if i could fusionfic mag7 and voltron (the lion version, i hate the other one).

so, dude, i'm obviously crazy about mag7.  in the past few months, i've come up with fusionfic ideas of mag7x:

wen spencer's ukiah oregon stuff
patricia brigg's were-wolf world.

the only one i have anything resembling a plot for is the ukiah oregon stuff.  and it's not one i'm sure would work.  but if anyone is getting plot-bunnies spawned off my crackitude, have at, i'd like to see it.

i'm still thinking that it would be fun to fusionfic Richard Marcinko's Red Cell stuff with Crewel World, a mystery featuring a middle-aged sleuth who owns a needlework shop.  i even have reasonable ideas for this one. 

that is all, in the life of the dancing mare.



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