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Title: Obligatory Song Fic: Twice-Told Tale
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**** Mag7 Werewolf AU *****
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**** Mag7 Werewolf AU *****
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so, i love world-building.  so much so, i spent some time fleshing out my werewolf AU stuff, even though i have no plans to complete a story in it any time soon.  perhaps ficlets, character studies, but no real story-stories.  because of that, i'm throwing open the AU for anyone who wants to write in it - i'm not even claiming the potential stories i came up with in my first post on this.  so anyone who wants to go with my world, have at.  just, you know, attribute appropriately.

so, da rulz:

1) DON'T post fanfiction or fanfiction announcements on  For legal reasons, Mrs. Briggs cannot officially know there is fanfic out there.  Please don't put her in the bad position of having to be mean to her fans to protect her copyright. 

2) Slash: in the Mercy-verse, most werewolves are homophobic and most gay werewolves are killed outright,  which is not to say that you *can't* write a slash story with the guys, but please spend some time justifying their existence if you make them gay.

3)  Rate and warn appropriately.  No cap on violence levels, though.  Please respect archive rules.

4)  The Mercy-verse characters belong to a pro-author, Patricia Briggs.  Please respect them.  I encourage you to read the Mercy-verse stuff, starting with Moon Called.  Lovely stuff.  But if you don't wish to, and still have character questions about Briggs's characters, please ask, here or at  The fans, myself included, will be happy to chatter with you.

5) Dude, have fun.  That's why we write this stuff!

6) There is no rule number six!

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The following post is a short redaction describing some of the rules in the Mercy Thompson universe, and short character sheet.
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Rules for writing in this universe in a following post.


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so, while i'm waiting for badgersathome to take a look at the Green Day fic, i decided to write down some of the ideas i had for a Mag7 fusion with Patricia Briggs's Mercedes Thompson universe.  yeah, this is another one where i toss a girl into a bunch of guys and watch the fur fly fun.  while the gdpfusion stuff is, well, an attempt at making Mary Sue a believable character (stop laughing, you guys!), the story i'm always tempted to start in this AU is trying more for an anti-Sue.  the main modern OFC, who i haven't named yet because i'm not completely committed to this insanity yet, is trying hard as heck to stay *out* of the story - but keeps getting pulled back in because the werewolf culture doesn't allow for lone female wolves. 

but also, i wanted a cool way to tie the OW verse with the ATF verse - something consistent.  Briggs's werewolves are essentially immortal - but a lot of dominants get killed in fights young, and they *aren't* indestructable.  Mercy herself says that Warren Cochran, at 150ish years old, is one of the oldest wolves she knows.  (She finds out later that a lot of the Marrok's pack is actually a lot older, but we're never told how large the pack is.) 

the other main thing to note: this is not an intentionally sexy AU like the Two-Blood-verse.  anyway, here's some of the background I came up with.


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ETA: Moved the OC Character sheets to the next background post in this AU, which is locked as of 8/27/09 as I'm still working on it.  Will attempt to finish the character sheets this weekend.


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