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so i think i've found the *awesomest* news ever today:

scientists discover the Romulan cloaking device...

no kidding, i was just sitting there for 5min this morning going 'that is *so* awesome!'

and then i went downstairs to the training room and froze my tushie off with 11 other co-workers and  a trainer.  we nickname that place 'the meatlocker' at work, brrrr.

went to the Y today, did 5 min on the ex. bike, lungs felt like that was enough, and came down to the car to put things away.  spent a frantic couple of minutes trying desperately to find my keys, and just when i looked up to pull down the trunk so i could head back upstairs to report 'em lost - i saw them hanging from the keylock in the trunk.  there are some def. disadvantages to this workout thing.  i swear i've been sans head ever since i've started.  it's kind of amazing i'm still breathing.

the order for my new crockpot was confirmed - yay!  i'm still waiting on the huge-ass order i placed with ABCStitch and the rest of the lame to come through - boo.  i really want my stash enhancement experience, please...

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i'm cogitating on meta, but while you all are holding your breath, go visit this entry:

i love stuff like this :)

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there are some things that are classics in a fandom, and some things that are classics of all fandom. this is one of the latter:



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