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2016 To-Do round-up

So, I'm not too late on round-up and to-do lists this year. I finally got around to setting up the office, and this figures into my 'done it' file. Poor Abbie (my dog) is sitting next to me wishing i was sitting on the couch, instead of said office...

Anyway, on to the listy!


Maintenance seemed to both take a step back, and forcibly move a step forward. This year turned out to be the YEAR OF EXPENSIVE FIXES, (specifically, the hot water heater and the a/c coil) which means all of the maintenance items on my list have to be rolled over - again - to 2017. I think the best I can do is caulk the windows and doorways. But I need to add to the list: pumping the septic tank. A new friend says it's probably time. And it's an Expensive Item. Oi.

1) roofer came and fixed roof for a reasonable price, but then told me to save $$ for a new roof this year or next. Goal: $10k for a 30yr concrete job.
2) I need to fix the garage door. Which means I really need to get someone out to look at it, update the radio signal to a new code for a new set of garage door remotes, and to fix/ repair the track/ lever thing. Or replace the track and door.
3) I need to repair – or more likely, replace – the outside door to the kitchen.
4) I also need to replace the one window in my living room that’s cracked. It’s possible this will be part of a set replacement, but it completely depends on what I can do at the time.
5) I have a number of outside outlets, and outlets in the kitchen, that do not work. I need to get those fixed.
6) I need to get the door to my bedroom fixed. This *will* be a replacement, because although the door is new, it was hung in-correctly.
7) I need to repair the light above roomie’s vanity.
8) I need to fix the window casings where the prior owner’s dog chewed on them. This may end up being done in conjunction with an update on casements.


1)Finally get to change this one - I'm working on a change-out of the office shelving scheme. Part 1 is getting all the books off the old shelves, part 2 is finishing the new shelves. Part 1 is about half-way done in terms of time, 3/4 of the way done in terms of items. Part 2 might end up waiting a bit until fall.
Continuing with the update - I've got a new floating shelf scheme that is adjustable if i need it to be. It holds not only my books, but also my craft items. The office now has room to also hold a desk, which is where i'm sitting as i write this post on the PC, which is now out of storage. It does not have room to hold the printer, alas, or a craft table. Well, it could, but putting in either one would make the whole thing look way over-crowded, so I'm going to have to figure another place to put a craft table. I found a model for said table in an old Popular Mechanics mag that was scanned online. I printed out the scan, so I have written directions... not sure when I'll have time to work it, though.

2) I would like to replace the side-light frames of the front door with new solid-side thingies. (I hate the side windows on the front door. You should be able to run around naked in your own house without getting arrested, and the sidelights prevent that. It’s annoying.)
3) I need to primer-paint the bathrooms.
4) I want to finish painting all the trim.
5) I want to get window film for the windows, and also wood casing updates, and curtains. This is an expensive project that will probably be put off until most of the rest of the stuff is done. (ETA1: I keep forgetting, but this has to wait until I replace the windows. Thre's currently ugly lattice-work in the windows, which are double-hung jobs. My preference is for German-style windows: unmarred glass, single-hung windows that swing in or out. This will probably need new casements, too, but we'll see.)
6) Yes, I’d like to update the kitchen, but that will probably have to wait a while. what's left: cabinets, new appliances, backsplash, new counter-top
7) It is more likely I will be able to paint the master bedroom walls, ceiling, and stencil lines.
8) I also want a wall-mural of Neuschwannstein in winter (which can be done via wallpaper).

The other thing I've done here is gotten drawings of renovation plans. This would include master bathroom, adding a sunroom, and the kitchen/ dining area. I'm proud of this, although it will take some time to save the money to renovate. I'm not planning on renovating until I pay off all my other-than-house mortgage debts.


1) Build 2 boxes
2) Place boxes and pavers
3) Fill the boxes with soil
6) Seed the boxes with seeds bought from organic farmers.
7) Need to acquire a lawn/leaf bag to catch grass clippings for the compost pile
8) Ok, I need to replace or repaint the wrought iron I do have - it's rusting pretty good, and looks like cr*p.

This step is being replaced by : throw most of it out - it's rusted through.
9) Black plastic over the area surrounding the 1 box i have, to kill weeds.
10) clip excess chicken wire.
11) Finish with the sand out there
12) Clear the weeds back there.
13) Cedar Mulch where appropriate
14) Plant flowers this year...

Most of the garden stuff has to be redone anyway - last year was hot and dry, and the weeds down here are vicious and pernicious. i finally decided I needed to clear everything out and start again, this time killing all the weeds in the area, do a light, not deep, dig-out, mulch mulch mulch, and then replace the pavers so they can be relatively even. I'll replace the wrought iron railing, too. As always, this is an on-going thing, but hopefully, this year will make some discernable progress.

The major goal this year is to keep landscaping materials to $50 a month. This is necessary to be sure I’ll have enough money to save for things on the wish list.

1) Price how much it would cost to turn the front ditch into a River Runs Through It
2) Work with Landscaper to generate a plan for my yard
3) As I'd mentioned in the 2015 round-up post, I screwed up making the front patch and furnace patch nice and pretty. So now I'm doing this in sections, and I've got 2 initial sections, 1 on either side of the sidewalk right in front of the door. I've got .75 of the first done. Not sure when the 2nd will be done, but should be before summer heat.

So the front patch is almost completely done. Run of untimely weather lately, but... I'm getting there. I'm also putting in a retaining wall around the sidewalk. I'm hoping to get the first section of the wall done before too long, but it would help if the weather would warm slightly on the weekends (it's 36F out there as i write this, and neither Abbie nor I want to be out there long!)

4) Price out concrete for extra parking space.
5) All I need to do on the furnace patch is the capstones on the 2-stone high wall.
6) Mowing upkeep
7) Goal: clear and mulch 20ft along the back fence.

I did this, really... and then it grew in again *aggravated* however, I have a new toy that will probably help my maintain the back fence area... I hope!

Still not going to specify working on Archery this year. I would like to be able to put up the Archery Lane, but that’s not a garuntee in any event. So instead, the Archery stuff is ‘rolled into’ the Landscaping list, albeit a bit hidden.

However, I *am* going to add the goals of:
a) Creating a stumpwork piece, and entering it into at least one A&S contest. And also:
b) Remember to photograph the garden and the stumpwork as it is being completed.

*Laughs at self* I put in the archery lane, but didn't work too hard on the stumpwork or the garden! Otoh, I made Citizen of Axemoor this year, which is basically an Award saying 'you'll always have a home in our hearts (and a campsite at Gulf Wars....)'. I cherish my Citizenship, because honestly, it's this kind of thing that's important to me - to know I'm important and loved by other people. Which sounds narcissistic, until one remembers I'm dealing with clinical depression, and even medicated, sometimes it can jump up and bite you on the ass - it really helps to KNOW other people like you, not just hope so.


I’m rolling over every stitching thing this year.

1) Finish cross-stitch piece for a work friend's house-warming gift
2) Work a small stumpwork kit this year
3) Try to make Dorsett buttons this year.

4) Finish another Mag7 Doggie (I've taken this kit to work to work on my lunch hours)
5) I have another smallish piece for a friend for Christmas... yes, already past - what, you expected me to be fast?

6) Laney's sampler (and no, I *didn't* set a single stitch on this last year, why do you ask?)
7) I'm really thinking about doing a 'narrative embroidery' and donating it to the Navy SEAL museum. Right now my goal on this is to decide on a cohesive narrative and draw said narrative out. It's likely that if I get this far, this piece will take over my life for a bit.

Things I finished this year: not a whole lot. I started a piece for the group I work with at work. I didn't finish it, because part of replacing the a/c coil was 2 so-hot-no-one-could-keep-up months in summer, let alone a broken a/c coil, so I didn't feel like stitching it. I did finish 2 Christmas pieces, both of them now being finished into ornaments. 'unfinished finisheds', hah. I finished a couple smaller pieces also. Took out my Christmas Cardinals and worked on them again. Hopefully, this year will do better, but stitching is a non-deadlined hobbie for me, so...

1) I still... have those two essays on writing to finish!
2) Finish Seventh Gift
3) See if I can't make progress on the TS cross-over
4) Upload stories to Dreamwidth, and AO3
5) Start Projects on:
a) LB!JD is actually a girl
b) Alternate Ending to 'Something Wicked'
6) Contact Seremela and talk to her about permission to post LMG, since this story depends so heavily on hers.
7) Finish slice-of-life stories
8) Finish Highlander-AU first 3 stories
9) The Bitter Glass (Green Day 'verse story)

And to this i need to add 'Engineers lead boring lives'.... I started this fic, then due to a/c and unexpected job stress, never finished. oi! But I actually have this on my to-do list (the one i write down on a semi-weekly basis and hang on the fridge), so maybe it'll get done.


1) Organize household items, including
a) disaster kit
2) Transfer data from old laptops to PC, when i get it.
3) Make the database for my library
4) File rest of bills from 2012 – and now, also 2013!... and now 2014...2015...

5) Convert VHS and audio tapes to updated platforms. (Contingent on buying platform converters)
6) Make a list of cyclical maintenance duties and times due.
9) pay good chunk of personal CC

I'm actually accounting many of the things on this list as done. I haven't organized disaster kits, but I've done a good bit of weeding on the library/ crafts already, and the books are due 1 more giant weed-through as I organize alphabetically. I got rid of a lot of doubles in my craft boxes, and some things I didn't want anymore. I went through magazines, and thinned those out. I still have to work through shipping out some things to friends, and determining best practices to getting rid of some of the SCA newsletters, but I've done an awful lot. I also filed and shredded a lot of bills. I'm hanging on to 2015 and 2016 as I file 2017, then we'll start the three year rotation for keeping bills. I haven't been able to make myself get rid of taxes past 7 years, but those take up a lot less space. I shredded all of my old school notes, finally deciding i didn't need them. I still need to go through a lot of 'personal papers' - things I've collected over the years that I thought were interesting or important, and decide if they're going to be filed for 'potential cross-stitch patterns' or shredded, or kept in a scrapbook. I anticipate much more shredding. I also have to go through the 'electronic stuff', and transfer to PC/ external drive, etc etc. And then I need to go through the actual files and decide what I'm going to keep and what I'm going to delete.

BUT, I got a good chunk of it done this summer, while the A/C was out of all things, and it should be easier from here on it.


1) Make an exercise plan and stick to it, although be prepared to be flexible.
a) Include Kinnect-X games, and
b) Put Kinnect-Play on the Calender Schedule program with the household chore list.
2) Stick to Cross-fit program I found. This is really a 'cross-fit for weenies' program, for the seriously out of shape. It does assume all your joints are working, so I have scaled down parts even more than it already is. It's a 100-day program. My goal for the first run-through is to get into the habit. My goal for the second run-through is to do the routines as written. I may still have to substitute for running, but I hope I can do the other exercises as prescribed.

Notes: Ideal weight-loss should be 1-2 pounds a week.

*Sheepish look* I haven't even gotten in the habit... still, keeping this around, because I really need to keep this in mind, no matter how good the doc says my numbers (other than weight) are.


1) Finish that silly chair!
a) make two matching wood sides (this is a dremel-project, and includes finding my tools... somewhere in the garage...)

*whistles innocently*


1) Acquire Garden Software to help Plan Garden and Gardening Stages.
3) Acquire a VHS to DVD converter
4) An audio-tape to CD converter,
5) Replace professionally-produced products with the newer professionally-produced versions.
6) Buy a new tv (look, the old one is a 1994 Toshiba… that came with rabbit ears. No lie.)
7) Buy an XBOX 360
8) Kinnect X
9) Consider buying a household organization software
10) Patio/Deck Design Software
11) Household Design Software
12) Get a calligraphy desk and comfortable chair
13) Get a cabinet for use in that area
14) computer desk kit
15) lawn-leaf bag for mower
16) tow-behind cart for mower
17) Rocking Chair
18) Ashley furniture set
19) Running boards, tonneau cover, and bed extender for Zeke
20) New roof

I note all the things on the wishlist... are still on the wishlist! Even the computer desk kit, since the current desk is actuallY roomie's...

and that's all she wrote today. my wrists have been getting pretty sore lately, probably carpal tunnel or arthritis, so the 2017 To-Done is going to have to wait for another day. Probably tomorrow, since I don't want to lose momentum. In Feb, at my normal check-up, I'm going to ask doc about my wrists, though...

I survived 2016, which turned out to be a shitty year for a lot of people. My hope for us all is that 2017 is much better. We need much better in our lives. And I'm not talking politics, I'm talking good jobs, good friends surviving, and good family of choice loving us. So 2017, take my advice: take off your pants, and slide on the ice!

-boogieshoes, wishing everyone a happy new year