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my boss really laid that joke on us today - wow man, that was painful.

but it got me thinking that i'm not as familiar with mythology as i used to be - haven't read any in a long time.  and then i thought it'd be good to collect some resource links.  so here's a few mythological genealogy links for those who are interested.

Greek Gods:

Celtic Gods:

Norse Gods:

possible start to researching into Native American tribes and legends:

and since i can't find any decent pages on Hindu Gods, i'm stopping here.

happy writing!

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i don't usually answer these, because i don't usually find them interesting or entertaining, but:

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i'm an ugly American... and our tax system sucks *a$$*.  horrible, horrible, a$$.  goetse a$$.  if i could do it magically, instintaneously, without messing with the usually HoR mess, i'd change our tax system drastically.  in lieu of our graduated income tax system which even the IRS can't understand, i'd have state and federal sales tax.  i read somewhere that most people would be content with 25% taxes to the government - state, local, and federal - total. 

one of the major problems we have in the US right now is the swirling whirlpool that is paying for our taxes to be collected and re-distributed.  redistribution issues will always undergo debates, but it's ridiculous that the IRS is our biggest government agency, and about 90% of that is paying tax accountants to work the tax collection system every year.  have it be an automatic process, and you can get rid of a lot government fluff. 

then maybe they can do other important things, like increase the FDA employment to the point where there's no longer an ongoing conflict of interest in the form of pharmaceutical companies testing their own pills for public safety.  and where the FDA can actually enforce regulations if need be.

or my other bugaboo - maybe they could afford to pay the people who clean the Senate Building while our dearly elected b*tch about how little they make - as they fly their private jets off on expensive vacations.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]believe it or not, using floral tape to keep my christmas tree from falling over.  i live in an apt, and have limited room to set up a christmas tree.  i bought a fake tree last year, and as i set it up, i just left the branches off the back side, which of course, made it lean to the front.  i was afraid it was going to fall over, so i took some floral tape and tied to one of the upper branches on the backside, and to the treestand.  the tension in the tape made the tree stand up straight, and all was saved.  all else is duct tape. :-)


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