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i have discovered the Census Bureau statistics.  *foams at the mouth*  Denver in the 1930's, here i come! *big evil grin*

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 my good friend 8bit give me the gift of excercise motivation.

um, yeah, excuse me, i need to go find a mop, now.  and an excercise matt.  definately, an excercise matt.

-bs, in danger of slipping on the floor.  (and the floor is carpet)
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does anyone know of an lj_comm that features pics of wedding cakes or other fancy decorated cakes?  i've been thinking about the food network's 'ace of cakes' show, and thought it would be kind of cool to have a 'cake a day' fix.

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for things that make me pissed off, see this little tidbit:

the girl's *17*, still growing, and the daughter of *tall* parents, one of whom is a football player.  grrrr

-bs, irritated
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so i recently joined [community profile] dot_pagan_snark, and i'm reading their backlist because i do things like that.  and i ran across this post from 2004, and thought it was just *too funny not to share*.


ZOMG stash!

Apr. 5th, 2007 07:08 pm
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so, in the doldrums of work today, i did my taxes.  had to do US 1040 (long form), LA, IL 1040 + schedule NR (non resident).  it took me 3 hours.  my IL forms came out just right, LA owes me $$, and i owe US 2x as much $$ as LA owes me.  not really so bad, but i expected to owe this year because for some reason, a change in tax brackets always results in owing the federales.

as soon as i finished my taxes and breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't *too* bad, American General calls me.  AG are the folks i took out a short term loan from to get my teeth done.  they want to know if i want more money fronted to me.  'no thank you.  if you give it to me, i have to pay it back!'  'but you're monthly payments wouldn't change.'  'but i'm actually trying to *pay this loan off*....'  they love me because i don't miss payments.

this evening, i decided to head back to hobby lobby because i'm still looking for gouache.  it's a type of watercolor that most closely resembles period paints, but isn't, you know, toxic.  i'd told byron i couldn't find any at hobby lobby, and i was going to ask if there was an art-specific store around here.  byron told me to look for the box with the guy on the ten-speed bike on front.  then he left to go beat gellis some more.  ok.   i'm in hobby lobby, and i'm looking down every single aisle. 

i found the testor's model paint.  testor's is important to have around because when you build nice, army-tank models, you need a good source of neon pink and lightening blue to paint said abrahm's, so you can squick out your mil/ex-mil friends.  it's also good to put these models on random male desks at work for practical jokes.  and of course, when your parents come over and are trying to be quiet in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom, the neon pink and lightening blue glow in the dark, so the 'rents don't step on the models scattered in the middle of the floor. 

no, i didn't buy any model paint.  i don't think i have room to put the models together, but it's nice to know hobby lobby does have something useful.

because, for the record, they *do not have* gouache.  i checked.  2x.  i finally decided to buy regular artist's watercolors, on the theory that it was closer to what i wanted than acrylic or oil.  i bought thomas kinkade paints, because they actually listed the colors in the set. 

then i went to the cross-stitch aisles.  i was doing good until i saw dimensions' woodland fairy; at this point, my control shriveled up like a snake skin and died.  hobby lobby had a new teresa wentzler pamphlet: brilliant plumage.  they also had silk embroidery thread from kreinik, and  i bought one of every color of linen threads from DMC.  i'm such a loser. 

but i'm happy :)

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so, you may or may not be aware that i am totally in love with the magnificent 7 tv series.  actually, i'm mostly in love with the fanfic, and the ATF AU (alternate universe) at that.  but, being as i love to collect things related to my obsessions, i recently picked up a chinese flick called 'Seven Swords'.  you may be aware that the original incarnation of mag7 is, in fact, based on the Seven Samurai japanese legend/tale.  Seven Swords, as you might imagine, is a retelling of this tale through the eyes of the chinese cultural values.  it's always interesting to me how different cultures interpret what are essentially very classic, almost archetypical characters, and they think of as important to the tale, and extraneous, and how they choose to present that.  i'm sure i lost a lot of the symbology existent in this presentation in Seven Swords, for the mere fact that i am not chinese, nor really familiar with that very old and complicated culture.

however, it was also rather comforting to recognize some staples of fantasy film-making... including a sequence of what can only be termed live-action anime pr0n, complete with proper hairstyles, face-shots, and moodshots.  i had to laugh at that.

on a scale of 1 to 10, with 'crouching tiger, hidden dragon' being a 10 of this genre, i rate Seven Swords a 7.  worth picking up, but some of things i'd definately change, to reach a wider audience.

-bs, still amused over the pr0n shot. 
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well, i was at an SCA event this weekend. i love SCA events :). i forgot my camera, but luckily, other people brought theirs, and posted some pics:

court pics start on page 12; i was the herald for the baronial court. the baron and baroness are in black and gold, and the king and queen are in the red/pink/ black ensembles.

court was 3 hours, and my feet were numb at the end of it. then at feast, i managed to spill *hot* french onion soup on my right hand. bjorn was good enough to get me a bowl of ice chips, which is probably what kept it from becoming an ER visit :-p.

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so i doubt it will come as a surprise to anybody, but i'm totally addicted to cross-stitch. i love doing it and have all sorts of plans and whatnot to make fannish projects, if i can ever get off my a** and do it.

but the point of this post is, i have signed up for my first ever 'exchange a project' program! we are doing biscornus, explained here:

i'm so excited! the gal running the program emailed me my exchange partner friday, and she's from iceland! i'm mildly worried about getting things done on time, but this is going to be fun. especially as the way things are set up, the person sending me *my* biscornu is someone different - so 2 potential new friends who i can gab about stitching with - whee!

-bs, happy

EDIT: as of 11am, i'm pretty sure i know what i want to do for her, too :)

HAED sale

Oct. 20th, 2006 05:27 pm
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so..., HAED is having a sale... and i was shopping on their site. is it just me, or is their shopping cart unduly hard to use. i was trying to get 4 items, but i never could get all 4 in the same cart at once :-p.

oh, well, at least i got the black stallion stitchery :).

they recommend doing stuff on 25ct laguna... but is that over 1, or over 2? i dunno.

still trippy from the drugs, and lack of sleep, and it's kinda worrying me, but not much i can do about it. shower. don't know why i didn't think about that before - maybe because i'm on drugs to begin with? d'oh.

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It's Time...

For someone to step up and terminate the rev. phelps and his group of scumbags. They had planned on going to the Funerals of the Amish girls in Pennsylvania with signs saying "Your daughters were whores" and "They're burning in hell". A radio talk host named Mike Gallagher traded an hour of radio time to keep them away from the Funerals.

For more info,2933,217975,00.html

I think they NEED to be offered the chance to discuss this with their god and I suggest a mix of 35 gallons of diesel, 10 gallons of gasoline mixed with two jumbo boxes of TIDE, propelled by a block of C-4.


Their church cries out for a good burning.

EDIT it occured to me after i went to sleep last night that i should attribute this more clearly. this was originally posted to the Baen's Bar web-board, in the Mike's Madhouse conference, thread title 'It's Time...', by Richard Atkinson.


Aug. 4th, 2006 04:35 pm
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i want this:

for my birthday. along with enough 12-mesh canvas and embroidery thread to do it as a tapestry. i shall have to include enough of some kind of jewel-tone blue for the border. ::bounces::

for those of you *not* in the know - that's the cover to walter farley's _black stallion_ - i *love* that book. i love *all* those books, but i have fond memories of reading *that* one numerous times on the trip down to blytheville, AK to see dad. i was 5. maybe less.

i hope they make stitches of all of the covers - i'd be *so* happy!!

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one of my favorite authors died 7/28/06 - i just found out last night when i went through my email.

i know most of my flist doesn't know who David Gemmell is, but i think it's well worth buying or borrowing one of his books to find out.

farewell, David. i'm pleased to have read your tales.

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i think of ebonypearl as a reasonably reliable source, and this is at least mildly scary. i've memoried her post and i'm linking here, so hopefully y'all will take a look and make up your own mind.

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so i was looking for needlepoint canvas, and i came across this website with painted needlepoint canvases.

the idea, for all you non-stitchers, is to basically take your tapestry wool or whatever and match the wool color to the canvas paint. some of these are *really* pretty, and i'd *love* to do them - but look at the prices! and that's *not* including thread (which is prolly about another $50US). ::wails:: why can't they just sell the patterns instead! it'd be a whole lot cheaper!

-bs, drooling over needlepoints
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fred phelps is at it again.

just recently, Spec. Peter Navaro from the st louis area lost his life in iraq, and was shipped home with all due ceremony. his viewing was held this morning. and this evening while mom and i were driving to st charles, i learned from KMOX radio that phelps & co intend to picket his funeral on friday.

the djs were taking calls on suggestions for how to drown out the phelps crew, and possible things to suggest to the city council for their (regularly scheduled) meeting tomorrow night. the military pride guys with the motorcycle were mentioned.

i thought i'd put together some links, and maybe email addresses for those who wanted to show support for the Navaros and other military families faced with this a**hole.

link to blurb on KMOX site:

the email for the talkshow comment line:

by process of elimination, the show in question must have been the Paul Harris show ( - i think the comment line email might only be accessed during the show itself by the various djs.

more background on Spec Navarro:

another story (lifted from the post-dispatch, but it's probably in the archives there, now):

Navaro was one month away from coming home when he was killed, and one of his younger brothers had already been killed in a car accident earlier this year.

i also wanted to put together some links for folks who want to know what to do if fred does this in their town. let's start with the motorcycle guys:

Patriot Riders :

i don't know how often the website is updated, but unfortunately i didn't see Spec Navarro on the watch list (in the sidebar). i'm not sure why, tho it could be any number of legitimate reasons.

EDIT THE SECOND: i overheard on KMOX this morning (12/23/05) that the Navarro family had declined the offer the Pride Riders made to show up and do their thing. they believed that any counter-demonstration would simply backfire and draw too much attention to phelps' group, which they wanted to avoid as much as possible. i wish them luck in ignoring the idiots.

anybody got any other suggestions or groups that do *constructive*, drown-the-fred-out things?

-bs, hoping the Navarros have a relatively decent funeral. if funerals can be decent.

no, really

Sep. 21st, 2005 12:01 am
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this is one of my favorite sites:



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