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I'm finally getting around to doing this post, which is one of only 2 posts I try to make certain I do.  The other post is, of course, the yearly round-up.  So it's with mild guilt that I realize I've not posted this until nearly Feb.

Deck the halls of the house with folly... )

Mary Mary quite contrary... )

Yarding by the Garden.... )

Middle Ages Mash-ups )

Stitchy Woman... )

I swear I will be fan-active! .... someday )

bills bills bills )

Personal ADMIN:
  1) Organize household items, including
       a) disaster kit
  2) Transfer data from old laptops to PC, when i get it.
  3) Make the database for my library
  4) File rest of bills from 2012 – and now, also 2013!... and now 2014...2015...
  5) Convert VHS and audio tapes to updated platforms. (Contingent on buying platform converters)
  6) Make a list of cyclical maintenance duties and times due.
9) pay good chunk of personal CC

to my health! )

Furniture Fair (-y Tale) )

Wishlist )

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It's taken me longer than normal to do the goals post for 2015. The large part of this is that I've been sick. In fact, I'm sick again as I write this. However, this too, shall pass, and it's time to get busy.

Maintaining the Manor )

Updating the manor )

SCA Garden )

Keeping up with the Joneses )

SCA life )

Stitching Crazy )

Fanlife goals )

Administrative duties )

Health is a priority )

One day, I will finish this chair! )

My Greed List )
-boogie the busy
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The To-Do List is undergoing a lot of changes from the 2013 version, mostly based on lessons learned, and with a goal to keeping better track of all the things I *really* do, which don’t always get put on the list.  The better I know how much I actually do, the less I feel like a slacker when things on this list don’t get done.

the house that boogie built )

Rosemary's Garden... )

SCA where my heart lies )

Mmmm, counted embroidery )

This is not the canon you're looking for... )

Now serving customer #1 )

I shall have my health )

BS the Carpenter )


-bs, busy as a bee

ETA1: 22 Mar, first major update
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So I think I will end up rolling over most of the 2013 list straight to the 2014 list.  Part of that is the result of unexpected trips to Germany and Lenexa for work, and part of that is that I under-estimated how much stuff I could do on the house, regarding energy levels and actual monetary levels.

General Comments on life )

Learning to be a home-owner )
Learning to be a groundskeeper )
Affairs of the SCA heart )

My happy place... where i don't spend near enough time! )

A conversation with the canon )
Administrative privileges... )
My health is healthy )

but my furniture is stale... )

Reports on my GREED )

And that’s been my life in 2013: settling into the house, having a lot of life changes, and doing a lot of work, both fun and not.  It was a very good year overall, I felt, both at home on this personal level, and at work.


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2012 To-Do List

So, I had intended to save up enough money to buy a house by the Dec 2011/Jan 2012 time-frame.  That ended up being a bit of an aggressive goal.  I'm 2/3 of the way there, but I think I'll need another 6mos before I actually buy.  There's also some things that rolled over from last year's To-Do list.

Trying to lighten the load because of predicted Household move... )

-bs, the eternally busy... and excited about a potential house this year!
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2011 To-Do List

So, as many of you know, I moved to Mobile this year for a new job.  Yay job!  With a new job comes a new place and etc, and at this job, I will be making enough to really save up for a house.  That's going to be a major goal of mine, thus, this year's To-Do List is going to be fairly short, since it's going to have a lack of stuff on it.

wow, look at that list! )

The next post will likely be a compare/contrast of the 2010 vs 2011 list, showing what things are different and why.

-bs, the busy
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ok, so i decided to do a compare contrast of 2011's and 2010's  To-Do Lists, which actually function as my 'goals/resolutions' for the year.  for some reason, it just works better for me to title it as a To-Do List as opposed to a List of New Year's Resolutions.  i think of resolutions as major changes in direction, and i'm content with where i'm going right now.  and i don't usually say 'Goals', because i tend to think of Goals in the long-term; instead, i have a list of items to do to achieve those goals.  planning, thy name is boogie.

anyway, this post is likely to be graphics heavy, because i like the table-thingy, so most of this will be under various cuts.  it may take me a couple tries to get all the lj-cuts to work, so don't freak out too soon, 'kay?

Garden? )

stitchy all year long! )

tales of the SCA )

Fannish Activities are Fannish )

the next sections are broken out differently in 2011 than 2010 - the To Do List is an organic and constantly changing thing.

Admin and paperwork )

Furniture! )

Health overview )

Wrap-up )

-bs, planner and organizer extra-ordinaire


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