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so i generally am not part of the gamer community, and was completely unaware of #gamergate until seawasp posted to his lj a link to his opinion on the matter. and after reading through links to figure out what was going on and the major players and stuff, i decided two things:

1) gamergate is completely insane.

2) Chris Kluwe's rant is a thing of beauty and a joy to read.

a word of warning: this rant is full of profanity.  it is not safe for work or little kids....

but it is some of the most creative profanity and awesome turns of phrase i have read in a long, long time, and aside from the topic, i was marvelling at the man's mastery of the english language.  you should read it.  seriously, go read it.

what makes this piece so awesome is that it's entirely apparent that Kluwe doesn't *need* profanity to make his point.  he understands the language and how to use it.  even better, there are a number of cultural references in the piece that indicate someone who at least paid attention in history class, if not being well-read outside the traditional school curriculum.

and he's white, male, and a former NFL player.  it's distinctly refreshing to be able to read something like this from a 'personality', especially a sports figure, and especially that it's hard for me to remember an athlete on the news that spoke intelligently at all, and/or wasn't abusing the women in his life.  *shakes head*

refreshing, i say.  REFRESHING.

-bs, in awe of a master
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 (that's right, as of 12pm this afternoon, i am on VACATION!  i'm going to Gulf Wars, camping this year, and doing absolutely nothing i don't want to.  most SCA people pitch in at events like this, and as a local-to-War person, i probably should, too, but honestly, this is my vacation.  Christmas holidays are so packed i don't really consider them a vacation, where you relax and rejuvenate.  fun, yes, wouldn't miss it.  but relaxing?  i'm still trying to send out the last batch of christmas cookies i made, (this would include yours, slavelabour) and i made that batch in Jan....

Gulf Wars is my fun relaxing time.  and yes, i'll take pictures.  boss-man at work says my assignment is to get someone else to take pictures of *me* with my camera, hah.

i'm packing the last box as we speak, and doing the last bit of chores that i have to do - which is, of course, the hardest stuff i need to do, since it involves sewing thru nylon tent fabric by hand.  even so, it sounds easy, but is a fingertip-killer without thimbles. yeesh.

but yay! war!

-bs, dancing away to the music in her head (which sounds more like Jefferson Starship than the Battlefield Band)
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i was just watching the 1984 Footloose, the one with Kevin Bacon.  every time i watch this movie i feel like i'm about 16, so i try to dance on the living room floor...

... at which point my ankles tell me 'oh no you don't either!'  heh.

everybody cut, everybody cut... everybody cut, everybody cut...

everybody cut FOOTLOOSE!

-bs, dancing happily
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i have discovered the Census Bureau statistics.  *foams at the mouth*  Denver in the 1930's, here i come! *big evil grin*

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so this weekend, when i was doing the last few errands for me 'special people' at work, the folks i've been spoiling all month in a spurt of insanity happy halloween good feelings, i came across two CDs i bought because i've been interested the groups' sounds.  one was Immortal, produced by CruxShadows, a band much promoted by John Ringo (in)famous author.  i think i was expecting something a bit more Celtic-y, but the sound on Immortal is rather... techno-pop-ish, too much so for my liking.  i'll try another CD of theirs later in case i got the worst thing they did by accident.  the other CD was a Celtic Thunder CD, which i expected to have a generally faster beat to most of the songs.  seriously, you do not need to slow down 'every breath you take' - it's slow enough already.  even so, i did find a couple of songs i liked, including 'Willie McBride/ Green Fields of France', by Eric Bogle, lyrics repeated here:
Willie McBride )

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i was reading my flist today, and [ profile] cofax7 , as usual, had a number of interesting links.  including this one.

all you cross-fit studs can flex muscle all you want, but it don't impress me nearly as much as it should much.  this stuff does.  i'm in serious jealous.

-bs, spreading the awesome


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