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although not by much.  actually was a very good war.  i arrived sunday morning, later than i had planned,but not horribly so... )



aside from that worry, i had a lot of fun.  everyone seems to have come home fine, so that's good.

and that's the news from the War.  good night and good luck.

-boogieshoes, (SCA) war correspondant
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Well, we had a good holiday, Abbie and I.  As is traditional, I planned for about 600 cookies, overbooked myself, and have only made about 350 to date.  I have one more batch to go to finish Christmas cards and gifts.  Then I need to send thank-you notes, and Christmas will be done.

My yearly Christmas Season begins with Christmas Revel... )
And there's After-Revel Revel... )

Then I go to the lake house )

And then long journey home again... )

And that was my holiday, pretty good overall.  Look for a few more longish posts in the near future: especially the 2013 To-Do wrap-up and the 2014 To-Do Post.  I’m hoping to get a few other posts done as well, since I’ve got the time and energy while work gains speed again.

-bs, wishing everyone a happy new year!

Notes upon the post )
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i was just watching the 1984 Footloose, the one with Kevin Bacon.  every time i watch this movie i feel like i'm about 16, so i try to dance on the living room floor...

... at which point my ankles tell me 'oh no you don't either!'  heh.

everybody cut, everybody cut... everybody cut, everybody cut...

everybody cut FOOTLOOSE!

-bs, dancing happily
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so i think i've found the *awesomest* news ever today:

scientists discover the Romulan cloaking device...

no kidding, i was just sitting there for 5min this morning going 'that is *so* awesome!'

and then i went downstairs to the training room and froze my tushie off with 11 other co-workers and  a trainer.  we nickname that place 'the meatlocker' at work, brrrr.

went to the Y today, did 5 min on the ex. bike, lungs felt like that was enough, and came down to the car to put things away.  spent a frantic couple of minutes trying desperately to find my keys, and just when i looked up to pull down the trunk so i could head back upstairs to report 'em lost - i saw them hanging from the keylock in the trunk.  there are some def. disadvantages to this workout thing.  i swear i've been sans head ever since i've started.  it's kind of amazing i'm still breathing.

the order for my new crockpot was confirmed - yay!  i'm still waiting on the huge-ass order i placed with ABCStitch and the rest of the lame to come through - boo.  i really want my stash enhancement experience, please...



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