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although not by much.  actually was a very good war.  i arrived sunday morning, later than i had planned,but not horribly so... )



aside from that worry, i had a lot of fun.  everyone seems to have come home fine, so that's good.

and that's the news from the War.  good night and good luck.

-boogieshoes, (SCA) war correspondant
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well, it's 10 am CST, and all's well.  heard my first wind gust of the day just now, although that's in part because i took a longish shower this morning.  Isaac is still tropical, and today's forecast calls for wind and rain, sometimes heavy, but as i figured, we won't get the worst of it.  my friends in NOLA, unfortunately, will.  even then, the rain will be a bigger issue than wind and surges, i think.

the biggest problem with Isaac is that it's big - as in geographically large - and slow moving, which means mucho rain-o in the immediate futuer.  Mobile is better situated than NOLA - it's about 100ft higher in altitude than the Big Easy.  this means it will generally have better drainage and fewer 'no where to go' problems.  i'm sure it will still have some - it's on a river delta/ deep bay after all, but probably not as much as NOLA, which is much more bayou-country, and lower than sea level in some areas.

the other biggest problem is the heat down here - they're predicting probable power outages in my area, and that's probably because we're on the same grids as the harder hit folks.  cross your fingers on that, i'll wilt without my a/c!

and hey!  it's raining, woot!  ahem, possibly i shouldn't be so excited about the 'first rain of the hurricane', but hey, everyone's got a hobby!  (although i need to remember to take the garbage out during the next clear break.)

in the meantime, allow me to put up some pictures from the most recent soldier in Afghanistan I spoiled...

in the meantime, some soldiers in Afghanistan, enjoying my latest shipment o' stuff )

-bs, doing ok
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some of you who hang out in baen's bar chat with me on AIM know that my grandfather, a WW2-era vet is getting on there in years.  this week, my parents and my mother's sister's family worked on putting Grandpa into assisted living.  in a rather appropriate circular manner, the facility he's in is just across the street from the high school he and my parents graduated from, and just down the block from the church he was baptized and an altar boy in.  i'm not happy that Grandpa is growing older, but i'm happy that's he's going to be in a good facility, and has Aunt L right there to help him, and that he volunteered to go in the facility itself upon reviewing the activity of last week.  see, he'd had a mini-stroke and was in a complete fog for the week, and it was kind of just luck that the parents and Aunt were there to help him take his meds and etc.  when he *is* clear-headed, he's logical and agreed right away on Monday that yes, it was time, because if he had another fugue episode when no one was around, he'd be in real trouble.  and it's a real weight off the shoulders - my parents and mine.  no one likes seeing their loved ones get older, but this is at least a gentle way right now.

so here's me, sighing in relief, and sending hugs to all those in similar circumstances.

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well, the weekend was pretty decent, although i didn't do a whole lot.  i bought the adult menz their lowe's cards and wrapped up their gifts.  this means that all i have to left to do for christmas is to the sachets that go to the adult wimminz in the family.  i've planned on 3 sachets each, with one stitchy mini things on each side.  that's 18 stitchy minis, of which i've done 6 and am starting on the 7th.  i told mom she may get to help with the finishing work. :-p  i hope not, but you never know.

i also ended up buying Bones S1, S2, and S3 from wal-mart that trip.  i think over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, i'm going to have a Bones marathon. :-D.  stitching in front of the tv is a good thing. 

i also bought some new potting soil for the plants i plan to start this year.  presumably, that's going to happen this saturday, but i'm not sure - depends on the weather.

i learned from Shane that he got my boxes, so i can scratch that off the list - i never count 'sending goodie boxes to soldiers/ overseas' as 'done' until i get confirmation that the boxes get there.  but the boxes are there, so the 'christmas boxes for soldier-buddies' item is all done this year. :)

one of my friends invited me for a Solstice ritual saturday, but had to cancel at the last minute due flu.  she's in recovery, but this year's flu is ugly, even if you've had the shots.  she was also going to come to after-revel revel, but unsurprisingly, 3 of her kids were starting to get sick.  i send her much hugs and loves... and blankies and hot chocolate!

i did go to the after-revel revel, and stayed about 4 hours.  i left before it got too dark, because Gellis's neighborhood is expanding like whoa, and i didn't want to get lost.  anyway, we had a white elephant gift exchange, with a guide of $10 per gift... i kinda went over, although part of the reason was that the box i bought to hold some of the other gifts turned out to be $25... at Tuesday Morning.  eesh!  i didn't really know what to get - it's hard to figure out something cool for a white elephant type exchange, so i did a little grab bag of stuff.  aside from the box, i think it ended up around $65 or so: a cooling platform/fan for laptops; a 1000-pc puzzle; a hand-held butter-churn; 4 army infantry circa 1944 action figures; tin of fudge; tin of hard candy; cribbage game; and a little sign thingie that said 'life's too short, eat cookies!'

i got a pig for oscagne, partially fulfilling a long-ago made promise.  in January, i'll order his clothes and send him out.

i also managed to make, chill, and bake the last double-batch of gingerbread cookies this year.  i took some to Starbuck's this morning, including two specifically labeled for Jeremy, also fulfilling a year-long promise. :-D

had the regulation interesting dreams last night, and that's it for this weekend.

i believe i shall be making a 'to-do' list this year, as i never did get around to last year.

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so, um, i just got my bank statement for this month, and i may have spent a *leetle* more on the boys in the sandbox and ass-crack-istan than is good for me. i'm not broke (yay job!), but i'm definatly NOT SPENDING $$ for a while.

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hey gang, i'm posting here an essay i wrote about my grandfather, Lee Mauratt, trying to persuade my co-workers to sign a 'thank-you for your service' card for him.  if you'd also like to say 'thank you' to Grandpa, please leave a comment to this post.  i will be printing this post out friday evening, and including it in the card to him.  i'd appreciate a signal boost on this one guys.  thanks in advance! :-) 

Patriotic Essay Here )
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ok, so... i've been remiss in sending kentbob anything overseas, and i know BK's friend sparky is going soon.  this post is a list of stuff i'd like to send, particularly since it's coming up Christmas.  i haven't heard from KB for a while, so i'm going to have to wing it.  i need to talk to BK or sparky sooner rather than later about where/when to send the mail, because that's a bit tricky when you're doing the pre-mission stuff.

kentbob has 4-6 people in his 'unit' that he rooms with, and will share any goodies i send to him.

the one thing he's asked for is chew.  i can provide that.
i'd also like to provide:
*gingerbread cookies
*Christmas ornaments, and perhaps a small tree and decorations for their hooch (but it has to be small, since it's already crowded)
*one or two quilt comforters, since it gets cold over there in the winter

he's asked that i not send a big package, because he, himself, doesn't want a lot of stuff, however, i'd like to send something to entertain him and his buddies.  anyone have any ideas?

i'm not sure what to do for sparky at all, save:
*gingerbread cookies (always welcome, i'm sure)

BK, you and your husband got any ideas/ better information on what he wants/ has room for/ needs?  he seems to already have a good selection of reading material with him, if i've understood his IMs to me.

-bs, mentally organizing Things She Still Needs To Do This Year


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