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So, unfortunately, one of the side effects of joblessness this time around appears to be not feeling the urge to write.  In fact, the faucet appears to have turned off.  This is somewhat compensated - for me, though not my fellow fans - by being in a stitchy mood lately, and finishing various projects on my to-do list.  I guess stitching is more soothing for me at this point than writing.

On the other hand, I don't have a lot of DVDs that help me keep my spirits up.  I apparently like dark serious stuff.  But I do have Buffy - watching Buffy kick ass counts as personally uplifting.  Add to that, I have observed (just now) that SunnyDale High has an amazing amount of stuff for a '1-Starbucks town'.  Maybe it's the Hellmouth, attracting rich innocents for demons to feed on, and the mayor to tax? We may never know.

This is the second time I've decided to watch Buffy thru from pilot to the season 7 finale, and watching it again reminds me of some notes I need to make available for buffy fans who are following my 7th Gift AU. 

Notes on Seventh Gift )

I think that's it.  I apologize for not writing more or more quickly, but I blame job-hunting stress. :-p

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so, i just got done watching season 7 of buffy - as in, two minutes ago - and, um, wow.  and also, sorry for scaring everyone in chat when is said i knew now how Xander lost his eye (one of our chat-friends is 'XanderOpalDragon', who has two eyes, thank you very much).

but i'm thinking that i like a lot of the last couple of seasons better than the first couple, a lot of times.  the last season kept getting more and more intense, and there was no let-up until the very end - the last few minutes of the very last episodes.  and oddly enough, i think it was the right choice - sometimes life is like that.  and at the end, as they're standing there over the Hole That Was Sunnydale, i thought 'aww, you can't end it like this! what happens next?!' 

which is... kind of the exact note you want to end a series on.  Giles says something about the Hellmouth in Cleveland, and Willow mentions that all the Slayers in the world have woken up.  so there's a pointer of where to go - you can just see the next season poking around the corner, but really, what's left to say?  we know now about the life of a Slayer, the pressures they're under, the issues they face in their personal, professional, and Slayer lives, and that the Watcher's Council, which had a number of problems, is now defunct.  and i'm sure this is the reason Buffy-fandom is still going strong.  they have a foundation on which to build a 'future' after the season ends.  in addition, there's a ton of new 'characters' around every corner - all the demons and slayers that are still in the world.  there's a ton of stories in buffy-land, both with the 'original' characters from the series, and with fanauthor-created characters.  the buffy-verse can support a full range of 'story styles' from 'could have been an episode' all the way to 'original story with original characters in a fannish 'verse' - fan-stories like the Star Wars fandom trends towards.

i don't usually read buffy-fic, but i can completely understand why the fandom is still thriving. 

i was watching buffy primarily for 'research' on Xander, the best way to get to know a character being to watch the show.  when i read buffy-fic, i tend to read fic about Xander.  i shall continue to write on my Xander-in-FC crossover fic.  it's good fun, and a good pick-me-up during these time of joblessness.

still, after the intensity of season 7, i needed a break, so i popped in 'Renegade', because i like drooling over Lorenzo Lamas. :-)  already, it's a choice that's paid off, because i realize that Bobby's left ear-ring is supposed to be a tomahawk, but it sure looks like there's a phallic symbol swinging from his ear, there.  maybe we can set him up with poor Andrew, who just needs a little love, really. *wicked grin*

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well, i'm settling in to unemployed life ok.  which is to say, i'm actually getting to the point where i'm really excited to see what's out there for me, and i'm totally ready for the next engineering challenge.  i'm kinda bouncing over it. otoh, i have to finish updating my resume, which i am in the middle of, and that is the 'ugly' of this post - resume writing sucks ass.  you struggle over every phrase and hope and pray you get it right and second guess yourself every time you send it out.  *rolls eyes*.  i hate writing resumes.

the bad is - had a flat wednesday, and it was because something went through the side-wall of the tire... again.  which meant that i had to replace my tire... again.  i'm kind of hoping i'll end up moving to a place with less tire-puncturing crap on the ground so i don't end up replacing them before the effin' tread wears off all the time.

the good is... well, i'm excited about the job search.  and i'm at 257lbs according to my scale - below the 260lb mark, yay!  also, xander in four corners seems to be going right along.  luke_jaywalker suggested trying to make it a 100k-word epic, and while i'm not sure i can get to 100k, it's worth trying it as an exercise.  originally, i was estimating around 50k, so 100k is a lot of fleshing out, slowing the time line down, building up the plot lines.  none of which means it'll be horrible, but definitely, it'll be a stretch for me.

thus ends the state of the mare.

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so, the problem i'm having with Seventh Gift at the moment is that wishes in the beginning need to come in the order that they appear in the main text of the story.  *but*, everytime i try to deliberately assign a wish to one of the seven, i realize i'm going to need to re-order the wishes *again* to make them work within the order of the story.  so i'm at a point where i could possibly start writing the scenelet for the second gift... but i'm not sure it'll work where it is, and if it doesn't, what order should it be in?  or should i reassign the gift to someone else?

argle-bargle.  it's making my head hurt, i tell you!  what's worse is, i don't really want to talk about it online, so to speak, because i want it to be just a surprise.  also, assume i re-order the wishes in the prologue - how do i handle that in story updates?  yargh!

-bs, tearing her hair out...
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so... i've written roughly another 2000 words on Seventh Gift, and keep having little scenarios and scenes pop into my head as i wonder just how long it's going to be.  (it would be rather ironic if it turns out to be 30,000 words on the dot, and if that happens, i'm going to be seriously tempted to do some editing on my tenses to make the sections reflect the section headings....)  but Green Day, which just needs one last bit of editing done before i re-post it in it's final version, appears to be temporarily stalled.  i know this is because farad asked me what Vin was feeling in Dr. Will's office, and said that i needed to show that better.  i don't disagree, but ACK! feelings!  i'll trade you several emo tears if you just let me write about number line theory, really!

and even that reaction is strange, because i attempt to write each story in a style that will evoke a particular emotion in the readers, and if the feedback i'm getting is any indication, i'm doing fairly well at that.  not that i don't have a lot to learn, but that for where i'm at writing-wise, i'm managing to evoke the reactions i want fairly consistently.

but yeah.  i really, really want to finish Green Day, because i'm *so close*, and don't feel like i can do the christmas story in my werewolf AU or the meta inspired by farad's editing commentary on Green Day, even though i don't *have* to wait, in a technical sense.  it's just, i have this little list, and i totally can't move on to those smaller pieces until i finish the 'big piece' of Green Day, and it's kind of driving me batty.  and it's driving me batty that i'm pulling a blank on something i really should be able to add to Green Day quite easily. 

does anyone else's writing habits occasionally drive them around the bend?  why or why not?



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The Seventh Gift

Prologue )

*****************Mag7 X BtVS*********************************

Part 1: Past Tense )

Next Post: Part 1: Past Tense, Continued


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Additional Notes:  I'm handling this story a bit differently than I normally would, due to the fact that I'm trying to find the correct line between over-warning (which I hate), and not putting in a strong enough warning, and accidentally causing people to stumble into something they're not ready for.  Therefore, I'm making a specific request to everyone to link to this post instead of the story post proper.  I'll link all story sections to this post, but I do want to make sure everyone reads the warnings information first.  I'm not entirely sure, even now, that I'm not going overboard, but given that I wrote the Prologue specifically to get a gut-punch of emotion, I felt this was the best course. 

  Seventh Gift
Fandom: Mag7, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Universe: Seventh Gift AU
Pairing: No Pairing
Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it ain't mine.  I'm just having fun here, and mean no disrespect to various sandbox owners.
Summary:  The Scoobies are destined to sacrifice themselves in the fight against the First Evil, but Willow works a desperate spell that may just be able to save Xander - if he can bring himself to accept the gifts her spell has given him.


My Warnings Policy Post is here.

Warnings:  Child Sexual Abuse (M); Child Abuse (M)
Rating:  PG-15 to R for mature issues and themes, see notes.
Archive Information: Feel free to archive, just drop me a note if you do so.
Additional Links/ Notes:  Although this particular fic does not deal with it directly, I have decided on a fairly ugly childhood abuse situation for Xander (Universe Notes here).  There are some more notes here detailing where this AU falls in and swerves from Buffy canon.  There will undoubtedly be references and flashbacks to Xander's abuse, although as of this posting (3/23/2010) I have not written anything very specific.  However, the abuse comes up fairly quickly in the Prologue and I ask the reader to take whatever cautions she or he deems appropriate.  Just in case, I've also decided to separate the Prologue section under a separate link.  They both go to the same post, but, if after reading this you decide to skip the Prologue, click on the second link, which is labeled 'Part 1: Past Tense'.


Part 1: Past Tense

Part 1: Past Tense, Continued

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Buffy/Mag7: OW Crossover

So, some time ago, I mentioned that I'd been thinking about yet another KidFic AU for Mag7.  This AU takes Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and sets him down in Four Corners, circa 1872 or thereabouts.  Here-in are my universe notes:
Notes and Rules )

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occasionally, i have to wonder about my writing process.  i'm waiting for my betas to get back to me with Green Day, and in the meanwhile, have another story pinging my brain.  i never thought i'd be into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but i'm currently writing a Buffy/Mag7:OW cross.  and i'm going along and it occurred to me i'm still on 'Part 1', and i'm 10 pages in.  Green Day's Part 1 is less than 5 pages long.  also, i wrote the prologue of Green Day in one shot - i've got the basic concept of the Buffy cross's prologue down, but it's been half-finished for a couple of weeks now while i concentrate on the rest of the story.

i apparently have a thing for kids, or for 'fix-it' fics, or something, as the the only character i'm really working with from Buffy is Xander, and he's been de-aged to 8, although not de-scarrified or had his experiences taken away.  and i have a thing for Chris, because i write an awful lot from his point of view.  i think this is the first time i've tried to write anything from Nathan's point of view at all.

any way, my brain is weird, my writing process is weird, and my obsessions are weird.  i just wanted to tell everyone that i wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me.  yeah, that's it.

-bs, pondering imponderables


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