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my birthday is next week.  high on my "most wanted" list is a steamy Escorts AU fanfic.

Buck/ Chris anything.

Supernatural anything.

Kidfic with Buck or Chris the little ones (but not Buck and Chris both little in the same fic).

Sequal to "Loser Takes All" - what happens the next time someone gets in trouble? ;)

I have a special love for Vin is psychic/ gifted in some fashion stories.

I quite like the Yellowstone AU - gen or slash, more please?

Crack!fic... wing fic.... Crossover fic - i lover "Xander's real parents (Xander from BtVS)";  love the Highlander AU fics; how about some more Sentinel/ Mag7 fics, any time, any place, Sentinels known or not. :-)

All that, and if the Lord and Lady are truly pleased with me - a break in the weather.  I'm getting tired of 80% humidity and 95F weather....

-boogieshoes, humming
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i've been having major drama with my computer lately, culminating with an emergency buy this weekend. follow along the story now:

so the guest room is being done in 'bad victoriana impression of ancient egyptian' (because an accurate rendering of ancient egyptian furniture, even for the pharoah, would make guests run, instead of be delighted...), and the stencil being used to put grout lines on the wall got, well, gummy, as repeat stencils tend to do. and i decided to clean it with acetone.

this was my first mistake, because i had the acetone sitting higher than my toshiba laptop, and i was tired, and knocked the bottle over, and it splashed on the toshiba. i let it dry, but the keyboard was fried. so i went and bought a cheapy plug-in mouse and keyboard. then i started having problems with weird input bugs, and i thought it might be the old keyboard reading stuff even though i was using the plug-in. i researched at work, dl'd instructions to take out the on-board keyboard, had second thoughts, and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. the wireless combo worked for a while, especially after i updated the java script that runs things.

then the input bug came back. and i got frustrated friday night, and decided to finally take the inboard keyboard out... mistake #2.

i killed the toshiba. so Saturday morning i went to the local target, and bought new laptop. and an external hard-drive. then i went to the computer repair shop and asked if i could get a data transfer, and a downgrade to windows 7.

the data transfer was relatively successful. they didn't manage to get some of the programs across - like pidgin, the chat client, adobe reader, openoffice - but they got most of the files across, and did get mozilla firefox and thunderbird across. they got my old email file (yay!), but unfortunately, they didn't get my old bookmark file across. which sucks.

so monday (one of those short saturday/ closed sunday places), i picked up the laptop and brought it home and began to remove the crap windows insists on putting on their new boxes. i'd managed to put pidgin back on the new lappy, and gotten to the chatrooms - always the hardest part of a new machine for me - so i could have help if i needed it.

until i deleted the 'bluetooth thing'. yes, mistake number 3. see, i think bluetooth, and think the schizophrenic phone or smartphone type things. i don't think WLAN drivers... guess what this was? back to the computer store, sigh. and out more $$ to get them to undo my stupidity.

needless to say, i'm no longer going to be fixing my own computer. the local repair shop are nice people and don't make fun of me. at least while i'm in the store, hah.

anyway, i need to rebuild my bookmark file, so i'm taking favorite links in the comments for fanfic, writing tips, neat places to shop... etc.

-boogieshoes, the extremely frustrated
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hey, i did it - made a reasonably major advance on one of my stories! thus my goal for nano is achieved - write *something* this month, despite this being the busy part of my year!

for those of you who liked Tanya Evans dropping in on FC, that's the story i worked a little bit more on.  i changed the title to 'One Night In Bangkok' for various reasons, and it's likely to stay that way.  without further ado, here's what i've got of Ch. 4 (and 5? i haven't decided if i should put in a chapter break there at the end yet, but it might be a logical place to do it.)

Title: One Night In Bangkok
Fandom: Mag7: OW
Word Count: 1,495
Pairing: None/Gen
Rating: PG-13 up to present
Warnings: WIP, Pt 5/? 

previous parts found:

In Time Relieved, Pt 1/?;
In Time Relieved, Pt 2/?;
In Time Relieved, Pt 3/?;
In Time Relieved, Pt 4/?;

Hey Look! A new Title! )-bs
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more snippety from my mag7 story.  I hearby commence shamelessly begging for comments. -bs

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did i mention i was supposed to be doing actual work today?  well, i sort of am - the CFD case is cranking, anyway.


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story seems to be writing itself.  weird, that.  i don't know how long this will be, but to give some background, i envision this story as part of a duology.  this first part is supposed to be chris (Mag7) telling jim ellison (Sentinel) how he, vin, and buck got to the present (2006/7 or so).  so it's a very light corssover, obviously an AU to both universes.

at some point, i need to run this through a chris-voice beta, in addition to the regular beta-type stuff.  comments welcome, encouraged, and shamelessly begged for.



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In Time Relieved
Prologue )
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same scene as ch. 1, continued.

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i think. i'm starting to lose coherency, but i finally hit on an idea for a reasonable sentinel AU setting.

Sentinel intro and AU set-up )

-boogieshoes, tired but happy


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