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reclined bike:  another 3 miles. 
time: 18ish minutes

3/4 of the way through the first mile, my right knee started aching a bit on the inside.  i'm a leg-jiggler at work, and that's the leg that bounces most of the time.  i suspect that was the culprit, because my left knee, which doesn't jiggle, was fine.

i never got to the point of agony or 'can't do it', but it was definitely a bit harder to push through today.  and that's ok, that means i'm stretching my muscles.

in other news, i've decided i love the song 'beer for my horses', but i really need someone to write a song for military brats.  or just me.  i know part of the lyrics would be:

'i was born across the sea,
but i'm not an immigrant.
i've done things that'll make you jealous,
and things that'll make you cry,
and all because of a bloody uncle
who took my Dad away from me.'

and i think the refrain should go:

'i know what it means to be free,
and just who it is that waters the tree of liberty.
i honor the ones who've gone before me,
and not just the Blue and the Grey,
but also Susan B. and MLK -
and Dad is my hero, more every day.'

... and it needs something.  well, a lot.  like verses and polishing.  and something about wanting to be a SEAL when i grew up, only to find out that literally, i didn't have the balls for it.  (because i'm a girl, silly, not because i'm short on courage!)

except that i just made myself sniffle, so i need to stop here.  *hugs flist*

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this week-end was kind of un-intentionally lazy, because i was fairly exhausted from work last week. we had a major push on a company-wide project and we're all kind of going 'gah!'

so, this weekend, i:

* stained and varnished the bed-box things, which i'm doing to raise my bed for storage underneath.
* primed the last 3 plastic planters i got - i'll be painting them this week
* sent strega42 a crochet book
* made shepherd's pie, which is awesomely good
* called mom for mother's day
* successfully avoided cleaning the toilets, once again...

i was thinking about doing some creative writing or meta this weekend, but frankly, between allergies and brain burn, i just wasn't up to it.

in conclusion, i shall leave you with the lyrics to Don't Fear the Reaper, by Blue Oyster Cult.  i heard this song again this morning, and remembered how much i loved it. :-D

Lyric Poem... )

-bs of the eye-throbbiness

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so this weekend, when i was doing the last few errands for me 'special people' at work, the folks i've been spoiling all month in a spurt of insanity happy halloween good feelings, i came across two CDs i bought because i've been interested the groups' sounds.  one was Immortal, produced by CruxShadows, a band much promoted by John Ringo (in)famous author.  i think i was expecting something a bit more Celtic-y, but the sound on Immortal is rather... techno-pop-ish, too much so for my liking.  i'll try another CD of theirs later in case i got the worst thing they did by accident.  the other CD was a Celtic Thunder CD, which i expected to have a generally faster beat to most of the songs.  seriously, you do not need to slow down 'every breath you take' - it's slow enough already.  even so, i did find a couple of songs i liked, including 'Willie McBride/ Green Fields of France', by Eric Bogle, lyrics repeated here:
Willie McBride )

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so last night, i dreamed i went to some kind of universal studios-like theme park, only it had Macguyver-sets and tours and everything.  and i was trying to convince a couple of the old show-producers that they really should take a shot at a 'young Macguyver' or 'Macguvyer: The Next Generation' series, because it was a sure thing.  and the producers kept telling me the show ratings were never that good, and they really couldn't be expected to try something that everything pointed to being a complete failure.

and i was all like 'buzz-huh?'  and i pointed out that Macguyver might well be the greatest scientific influence of my generation, since almost all the engineers about my age seemed to know and love the man.  at least everyone i knew, anyways. 

it was an interesting dream, and a sort of comic-frustrating way.

in other news, the maintenance crew at work apparently employs a zombie.  i came up on him the other day as he was checking the output of the heaters with a heat gun.  'oh, this is neat - have you checked your own temperature?' i said.  so he pointed it at himself and it read 88.8F.

ladies and gentlemen, i fear the zombie invasion has truly begun.  for inspiration in fighting, i leave you with the lyrics to 'blood on the risers', that vaunted chorus of battle-love.

Blood on the Risers, ganked from Wikipedia )
-bs, stocking up guns and canned goods
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 back in the day - the long ago day when i was attending TAMU and was first introduced to the SCA - i had a stick jock friend who loved the following song.  it's simple, sad, and sweet, and therefore breathtaking when sung with the right voice.

i don't know if i've posted these lyrics before, and i'm sorry if this is a repeat, but i love this song.

-bs, happy
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I love Irish Traditional music.  The sad songs are beautifully mournful and eerie, and the happy songs are cheerfully bloody – sort of like ‘well, someone died, and we’re not really sure we’re worried about it, but just in case, you want to join us for a little revenge?  Come on, it’ll be fun!’  Take this song, which I was listening to in the car this morning:


Yep, one thing’s for sure, at the end of the Irish Traditional, there’s sure to be bodies on the ground.  The only question is how many?

-bs, cheerfully bloodthirsty

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so, my niece and her friends have this thing where they send each other subject prompts and they write short, off-the-cuff poems about the prompt.  this is pretty cool, and not something i'd have ever thought to do.  this is the one she wrote for me about horses: 

I love the way
the horses sway
when they are in the stable
then off they go
through the dirt
it's much better than cable
galloping and trotting and walking too
I love my horse do you?
pretty awesome for a 10yo, eh?

-bs, proud of the munchkin
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so i was listening to micheal longcor again, and thought i'd reprint the lyrics to a song i dearly love, called the bold marauder.


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well, i'm officially the owner of a much newer than my 1992 POS taurus new car - a 1995 toyota camry.  in much better shape than my old taurus, despite having more miles on it.  in honor of new-car-hood, i present this little ditty:

and my other favorite...

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i've discovered the problem with work - it's like school, where they give you homework to make sure you can do the job.  only problem is, i finish my homework early, and no one's giving me more homework to do, or a stack of material to read.  reading ahead in the textbook is contra-indicated, because string theory is not related to work, either.  so i was 'reading a personal book', and got caught at it.  ::sighs::  i need more work at work.

and that brings me to the poetry for today, if i can find it...  ok, so i couldn't find that one.  which means it's going to annoy me for a long, long time. :-D

how about some Tennyson?

Ulysses )
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more song lyrics, by the ever-sweetly sad gaels.  i may have given the wrong impression; although i am posting these lyrics and poems to remind myself of them, i'd also like comments and discussion, if any of you have the urge to do so.  besides, commentary would let me know someone is reading my journal, and we all like to know that.

without further delay, here is

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so, the past couple of weeks i've been doing other things than updating.  so here are two poems - songs, really - that i like.  the first one is about the battle of culloden:

the second one is a nice SCA fight song:
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something i read a long time ago, and was totally captivated by the last line of the first verse.

Cargoes )

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ah, it's that time again... and... lemme see here... i have to search by the lyrics this time, as i don't remember the title... ah, here we go:

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how did it get here so fast? always seems like there's so much to do, and so little time to do it in. however, it is time, and i'm trying to make a commitment here. i noticed i missed last week, so two poems this week.

poetry! )
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i am instituting poetry fridays.  this is both to collect poems i like, but can never remember, and to show y'all a bit of me you don't usually see. we'll start with some of my favorites by A. Nony Mous. -bs
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so i'm reading blood bound, by patricia briggs, which is the usual werewolf/vampire urban fantasy thing.  i like this setting, but i was thinking about how i would interact with it, because that's what i do when i like settings.  in briggs' world, female werewolves aren't allowed to run lone, un-mated females 'belong' to the alpha, and mated females take orders from their mate, who takes orders from the alpha, if they aren't one themselves.  it occurs to me that this is a bit like slavery, where the females are concerned, and there's no real out for them.  and in the course of my maunderings, which inevitibly take place as stories i tell myself where i interact with the author's characters in various conversations, one of my favorite poems came up: invictus, by william, earnest henley.

OUT of the night that covers me, 
  Black as the Pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be 
  For my unconquerable soul. 
In the fell clutch of circumstance         5
  I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance 
  My head is bloody, but unbowed. 
Beyond this place of wrath and tears 
  Looms but the Horror of the shade,  10
And yet the menace of the years 
  Finds, and shall find, me unafraid. 
It matters not how strait the gate, 
  How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate:  15
  I am the captain of my soul

this is why i fanfic.  i could build a whole story around this thematic with a combination of original characters and patricia briggs's characters - although i'm sure it would be terribly mary-sue-ish.  at least, in that when i tell myself these stories, it's always from my point of view.  i haven't learned to tell stories to myself from someone else's point of view... and that is why i *don't* write original fic.  *i'm* fascinated with these characters enough that interacting with them is fascinating, from my pov.  but i'm also boring enough, i'm sure, that i'd bore to tears anyone else who was reading these interactions from my pov.

-bs, thinky
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so, mightyix posted the other day about his favorite bands, and it got me thinking - a dangerous pastime, i know - about my favorite songs. _Hero_ by Phil Collins is one of my favorite songs, and is rarely heard on the radio:
Hero )


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