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So it’s mostly good news at Chez Boogs. Abbie and I had our vet appointments recently, and health ratings are up.

Abs gained 15 lbs, I lost 2 lbs from the last visit, for a total of 10 lbs weight loss – slow and steady wins the race. I also realized I lost two pants sizes, from size 24 (US) to 20 (also US). First time I’ve enjoyed shopping in a long time.

I have a heart rate of 78 BPM; Abbie’s is ‘hey, wait, I’m not finished taking your pulse yet!’.

My Blood Pressure is 123/81, Abbie’s is ‘yeah, whatever.’ (It’s so hard being a dog).

And I don’t have heart worms, and am up on my rabies, shots, and Abbie’s had her flu shots, so that’s all good, too.

I’ve been trying to focus on sticking a little better to my low-carb high-fat diet, and I can see and feel a difference.

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so i had an ultra-sound today.  my ALT liver enzyme was slightly elevated, and the doc just wanted to a just in case check.  no worrisome squawks from the nurse, so i'm assuming all is well - otherwise, news in 48ish hrs. 

being ever-curious, i asked about various things on the US - i apparently have an aorta, and a left kidney.  this is good.  no idea what else i have, as it all looks kind of fuzzy to me.  i also have a sore belly - the nurse was pressing the sensor wand pretty hard, not sure why unless the crystal was getting fatigued or something.  (the US works by having a quartz crystal vibrate at a specific frequency, which sends sound waves into the tissue the wand is held against.  those sound waves bounce back at different wave lengths depending on the tissue encountered, and at different times depending on how deep into the body you get.  they've actually got a better resolution than x-rays... but they still look fuzzy to me.  the crystal is 'tuned' to the frequency of water, btw, which is why blood generally looks black - the waves don't 'see' it.  or they see *only* the water - i forget which.)

then came the cleaning up of the ky jelly they use.  i'm still not sure why they use the jelly - i think it has something to do with making sure the sound waves are focused into the correct area coming out of the wand.  anyway, they hand you this thin, crappy towel and say 'wipe it off and you're good to go.'  great!  except the towel doesn't wipe of jack shit.  in fact, it just spreads stuff around.  finally, i figure i got most of the goop off, and while i was tucking my shirt back into my slacks, noticed that goop had gotten on my clothes.  sigh.  quick stop back home for a shower and change of clothes, which of course no one at work noticed (but i felt *much* better!).

back to work, finally eated a sammich (firehouse subs, yum!), back to working on things that come up.  only to find just about everyone i need is out of the office today.  i know, sometimes work is like that, but augh!

otoh, i had to smile because Charlotte posted on DnF how she was waiting for an angsty Hallowe'en story in my Green Day universe, and then i started jotting down some basic plot ideas.  i need to research some stuff - don't i always? - but i dunno.  might come together.  we'll see.

went to the Y tonight, and on the advice of Gellis, whom i visited with last weekend, i used the regular bike, set the resistance level to 9, and did a mile.  he's right, much better workout. 

and now i'm home, and it's raining with power flickers, so i'll post this now in case the power goes out.



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