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2017 appears to be starting off on the right foot at least.  I remember last year, I started by getting the flu that was going around - TWICE.  Things never quite picked up after that.

This year, I hope things are better, both in general and for personal health/ house health/ etc.


potion no. 9 especially )


i'm gonna make this house my home )


i will get things to grow, darnit! )


and i'll have a pretty yard! )


i especially want to improve arch-ing )


i'm really trying to finish old stuff before starting new stuff. really. )

i promise this year will be better! )


i expect to nail this one again... watch me fall on my face )


tum-te-tum-tum - hey, donuts! )


ah, the sweet sounds of saws! )


alms for the poor? anyone? )

So, a final note here - especially with the fannish things and trying to keep up community journals and things, I think the home PC being set up will help a lot.  I've already mentioned the advantages of the pilates up there. :)

-boogieshoes, busy as a beaver
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this is more an update list than a post-post, but it's time to let people know i'm still alive.  i think.  *checks pulse* yup, still alive.

so here we go:

*in Feb, at my routine dr's appointment, i was dx'd hypothyroid - the gland isn't making enough hormone.  the good thing about this is that now i understand why i was so *completely and utterly* dragged out at the end of last year.  also, now that i'm on synthroid, my body isn't fighting losing weight, and 4 mos later, my chemical soup seems to be just about completely in balance.  the bad news is... i'm not going to be 'cured' from this - taking pills forever.  don't get me wrong, there are FAR worse things in the world, but my health goal has always been to minimize the pills i'm on... this is one step away from that.  It does make me very thankful for modern medicine, though.

*2 weeks after my dr's appt, Gulf Wars happened  - it's a pretty amazing event when you're not too sick or too glazed over too appreciate it.  Otoh, I forgot that last year, the things in my 'Accessories' box had gotten quite damp.  I took a few things with me, but decided to clean the rest later... which happened only a couple-3 weeks ago.  I lost a couple things to mold - just couldn't kill it, or in the case the belly dance scarf, the jingles were just too rusted to save - but I did save the majority of the items.  Since I am trying to streamline my SCA closet, a number of things are going to wind up getting donated, but I'm not entirely sure when.

*more recently, i sewed slipcovers for the couch cushions.  this is because in less that 2 years, my dog pretty much shredded the original fabric.  Cotton duck is much more resistant to Great Dane claws that the original what-ever-it-is.  I'm thinking of going back and sewing slipcovers for the back-cushions, too, so the entire couch is a bright cheerful yellow.  it'll match the curtains that way.

*speaking of the great goofus - she gained 10lbs in the past few months.  Oops... guess I was a little too enthusiastic about giving her treats.  Abbie and I are both on a diet now.

*my diet consists of continuing good food choices, and counting calories and recording non-caffeinated intake.  the last two are mostly to keep me honest.  My progress this week supports my theory that I'm 95% there, but I needed one last puzzle piece to make it stick... apparently, that's keeping myself accountable. 

Abbie's diet consists of limiting her to 1 or 2 treats a day. 

*Abbie got a new blankie today - it's Wonder Woman.  I thought about giving her Darth Vader to chew on, but then I decided I'd rather she ingested the power of a strong woman than the Dark Side of the Force.  She won't miss the cookies.  I promise. *hides cookies from Abbie.*

*today, i'm going to start organizing the personal papers in the office.  This should cut down on even more clutter, though right now it's mostly clutter limited to the closet.

*I paid off my truck on Thursday!  next up: the CC.

*I am 3/4 done of the dual embroidery piece: 'this is your flame... this is your flame on O2'.  I will find a way to get and post pictures, because while I love Mary Corbett's needlework site, and the piece would not have happened without the blogs very encouraging tone, I'd like to show her what happens when you let a nerd work stumpwork, lol.

That's all from chez boogie *brushes off dog-hair* you may now go about your business...

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So, I'm not too late on round-up and to-do lists this year. I finally got around to setting up the office, and this figures into my 'done it' file. Poor Abbie (my dog) is sitting next to me wishing i was sitting on the couch, instead of said office...

Anyway, on to the listy!

household maintenance is expensive! )

*dusts off the house update list* )

This is purely the section for the partierre garden. )

$50/mo doesn't go far )

the SCA is awesome! )

look, i finished stuff! now i have to finish it, lol )

still in mag7 honeymoon... and still biting off more than i can chew here... )

i nailed this one! )

I've always said flexibility is over-rated... )

*runs away screaming* )

*sighs sorrowfully at the wishlist* )

and that's all she wrote today. my wrists have been getting pretty sore lately, probably carpal tunnel or arthritis, so the 2017 To-Done is going to have to wait for another day. Probably tomorrow, since I don't want to lose momentum. In Feb, at my normal check-up, I'm going to ask doc about my wrists, though...

I survived 2016, which turned out to be a shitty year for a lot of people. My hope for us all is that 2017 is much better. We need much better in our lives. And I'm not talking politics, I'm talking good jobs, good friends surviving, and good family of choice loving us. So 2017, take my advice: take off your pants, and slide on the ice!

-boogieshoes, wishing everyone a happy new year
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I'm finally getting around to doing this post, which is one of only 2 posts I try to make certain I do.  The other post is, of course, the yearly round-up.  So it's with mild guilt that I realize I've not posted this until nearly Feb.

Deck the halls of the house with folly... )

Mary Mary quite contrary... )

Yarding by the Garden.... )

Middle Ages Mash-ups )

Stitchy Woman... )

I swear I will be fan-active! .... someday )

bills bills bills )

Personal ADMIN:
  1) Organize household items, including
       a) disaster kit
  2) Transfer data from old laptops to PC, when i get it.
  3) Make the database for my library
  4) File rest of bills from 2012 – and now, also 2013!... and now 2014...2015...
  5) Convert VHS and audio tapes to updated platforms. (Contingent on buying platform converters)
  6) Make a list of cyclical maintenance duties and times due.
9) pay good chunk of personal CC

to my health! )

Furniture Fair (-y Tale) )

Wishlist )

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The To-Do List is undergoing a lot of changes from the 2013 version, mostly based on lessons learned, and with a goal to keeping better track of all the things I *really* do, which don’t always get put on the list.  The better I know how much I actually do, the less I feel like a slacker when things on this list don’t get done.

the house that boogie built )

Rosemary's Garden... )

SCA where my heart lies )

Mmmm, counted embroidery )

This is not the canon you're looking for... )

Now serving customer #1 )

I shall have my health )

BS the Carpenter )


-bs, busy as a bee

ETA1: 22 Mar, first major update
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... now all i need is a walrus.

i'm at a weird cycle at work lately, where it's 'rush, rush, rush, fall off the cliff of *nothing to do*'.  this makes things... interesting in a brain level.  today, after lunch, i was left with about two hours of 'oh, crap, i finished everything i know to do, and there's no one to ask for a one-off.'  so i started to write up the documentation that i'll use when i submit my stumpwork project.  stumpwork is a form of raised embroidery that's much easier to show than explain:

i'm submitting this to an SCA Arts and Sciences event/ viewing/ whatever, probably around Christmas Revel, because i'm not sure i'm going to be able to go to anything else.  so of course, i'm using SCA documentation guidelines, and i'm trying to figure out how chatty cathy i need to be to explain some things.  like why i'm using stuff suited to counted embroidery... because nearly every single SCA needleworker i've seen down here does free-hand embroidery and if you've ever seen the patterns for that kind of stuff, they're kind of... lacking to someone used to a cross-stitch kit.  lacking like 'how do you even know what to do?!'  the guys who just make it up as they go along both fascinate me (because i'm not the sort of person who *can* do that), and frustrate me (because i'm not the sort of person who can even think of working like that.  my patterns have patterns, ok?).

furthermore, when discussing materials used, it's a solid fact that listing materials *not* used in period is more practical.  it goes something like: room-temperature pure mercury... but only because it kept running away.  so listing the materials i used, i feel like i need to explain why i chose such obviously modern things... and it's like 'trust me, the would have used it if they could.'  the primary difference between the materials i'm using and the ones from period are that Polly and Esther got together and had a baby.

What *really* cracks me up is that they ask people *not* to submit stuff that comes in a kit.  But for stumpwork, it's perfectly period to *have* a kit - kits were sold by door-to-door saleswomen, and included everything you needed to finish the piece, including instructions and patterns, and a picture of what it was supposed to look like when done.  Many stumpwork pieces of the day were based on popular paintings of the time.

i also feel an insane urge to explain why my first piece isn't a flower and fruit arrangement, which seams to have been all the rage, both then and now.  i'm not sure what the attraction to stitching flowers is, but i really wanted to do something more likely to keep my interest.  so i chose Celtic Knotwork, and an easy pattern at that, because i might have to re-do it, you know. and also, because the guidelines said 'no kits', i know i'm going to have to come up with my own assembly instructions, and i wanted something relatively easy to work with, and that i knew i could adapt to my needs, both in terms of the stitching, and the necessary elements i'll have to cut out. and frankly, i find flower studies kind of boring.

this is not the only time i'll have to face the 'boring' demon, though.  a large part of stumpwork is the padded figures.  if you took a good scroll through that URL up there, you'll notice that an awful lot of those figures are... people.  and you know, i don't even really like to look at people in the face - it's they eye-contact thing.  it always feels like a blow to me - gazes have *weight* behind them.  and i honestly hate looking people in the eyes because it kinda feels like they're slapping me.  it's a crazy, almost-physical feeling that makes no sense at all, even to me, but it does mean that i categorically hate family pictures.  there's something indefinably awful about people who love you smacking you around every time you look at them.  and *stitching* faces and eyes is just... CREEPY.  i'd rather stitch a chupacabra disemboweling a goat than stitch a human figure facing the 'camera'.  hell, i'd rather be the goat!

i suppose i'll have to do at least one human figure to prove mastery of the genre, so to speak, but while eventually i'd like to do a lot more than an upraised Celtic Knot and a wirework butterfly, i suspect most of my padded figures will be animals.  they better be ok with that!

-bs, noodling on SCA stuff
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So I think I will end up rolling over most of the 2013 list straight to the 2014 list.  Part of that is the result of unexpected trips to Germany and Lenexa for work, and part of that is that I under-estimated how much stuff I could do on the house, regarding energy levels and actual monetary levels.

General Comments on life )

Learning to be a home-owner )
Learning to be a groundskeeper )
Affairs of the SCA heart )

My happy place... where i don't spend near enough time! )

A conversation with the canon )
Administrative privileges... )
My health is healthy )

but my furniture is stale... )

Reports on my GREED )

And that’s been my life in 2013: settling into the house, having a lot of life changes, and doing a lot of work, both fun and not.  It was a very good year overall, I felt, both at home on this personal level, and at work.


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Well, we had a good holiday, Abbie and I.  As is traditional, I planned for about 600 cookies, overbooked myself, and have only made about 350 to date.  I have one more batch to go to finish Christmas cards and gifts.  Then I need to send thank-you notes, and Christmas will be done.

My yearly Christmas Season begins with Christmas Revel... )
And there's After-Revel Revel... )

Then I go to the lake house )

And then long journey home again... )

And that was my holiday, pretty good overall.  Look for a few more longish posts in the near future: especially the 2013 To-Do wrap-up and the 2014 To-Do Post.  I’m hoping to get a few other posts done as well, since I’ve got the time and energy while work gains speed again.

-bs, wishing everyone a happy new year!

Notes upon the post )
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For 2013, the To-Do List is now filled with some House-related items, which is fun.  Mostly.  When it’s not yet another learning experience. *grins*

House-hold doings this year )

Green Bein's )

Lady Brigid the lacksadaisical )

Stitching Monster Me )

Fandom Activity )

Life like a Mentos Commercial )

Wishlist )

-bs, the busy, the greedy, the just darned cool ;-)
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2012 To-Do List

So, I had intended to save up enough money to buy a house by the Dec 2011/Jan 2012 time-frame.  That ended up being a bit of an aggressive goal.  I'm 2/3 of the way there, but I think I'll need another 6mos before I actually buy.  There's also some things that rolled over from last year's To-Do list.

Trying to lighten the load because of predicted Household move... )

-bs, the eternally busy... and excited about a potential house this year!
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2011 Lesson's Learned

I'm instituting a new tradition, that I sort of did last year, anyway.  Basically, at the beginning of the year, I do a To-Do List that I try to complete that year, and I decided it would be nice to do a Lesson's Learned for that list at the end of each year.  This is the first official version of that post, for the 2011 To-Do List.

2011 year in review )

-bs, noodling
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2011 To-Do List

So, as many of you know, I moved to Mobile this year for a new job.  Yay job!  With a new job comes a new place and etc, and at this job, I will be making enough to really save up for a house.  That's going to be a major goal of mine, thus, this year's To-Do List is going to be fairly short, since it's going to have a lack of stuff on it.

wow, look at that list! )

The next post will likely be a compare/contrast of the 2010 vs 2011 list, showing what things are different and why.

-bs, the busy
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i've been doing so much stuff *other* than my to-do list that i'm thinking of redoing the list, heh.  for example, i'm doing 4 baby bibs this year, i monogrammed 8 towels, i'm doing a slew of christmas ornaments, sewing 4 different baskets together, and putting together an eye-searingly bad SCA outfit out of gold lame.  (there's a story behind this, but i don't want to let it out until after Investiture at the end of the month.)

the only thing on my *list* that i've finished is tegan's basket-top.

and i'm probably not going to get to writing this month, which means i've committed to at least progress on two stories in september and october...

and i'm trying to do a batch of scrolls.


you know, maybe i should just admit that being overcommitted makes me crazy.  happy - but completely nuts. :-D

*hugs flist exhuberantly*

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no, i haven't gotten the old laptop plugged in and checked yet - sorry fandom friends!

otoh, i've monogrammed 8 towels, am lacing up Tegan's basket-top, stitching 6 gingerbread ornaments and a sampler for a friend, stitching basket 'covers' x4 for various people, and am in the midst of putting together an SCA outfit out of lame.  all before the end of august.  ho-shit i'm in trouble!

i also made bacon-wrapped potatoes in my new crockpot and used my co-workers as guinea pigs... they disappeared in 30min.  engineers and free food, man.  eesh.

finally, i made the decision to cancel my $200 order with ABCStitch Therapy and re-construct it straight from the vendors themselves.  or other sources.  pains me to do so, but i kind of had to.

otoh, things are doing fairly well, and going quickly, so i'm upbeat, if rather tired today.

*hugs flist*

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so, there are 4 ladies at work giving birth in the near future - 1 this week, 2 within the next month or so, and the 4th, thank FSM, is due in october.  i say that because since the car eated my money, i decided instead of getting these ladies gifts, to stitch them all baby bibs.  they all know i'm a slow stitcher, but still...

so i just finished the 5th letter on the first baby bib, and i was taking it off the frame so i could tuck the thread under, and i realized... i was stitching with the bib inside out.


i think this is where rule #4 comes in - 'you gotta be tough' - because frankly, between this bib and the wolf piece i'm doing 90* off pattern, if i wasn't tough, i'd quit now while i'm behind.  instead, i'm going to keep stitching in the sure and certain knowledge that when the moon is in the seventh house, and jupiter aligns with mars - i will stitch at least one pattern perfectly. 

and then the Vogons will destroy the world to make way for the intergalactic highway.  *nods firmly*

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i had a good weekend - partied hard, and snored harder (darn allergies!), but it was a good weekend none-the-less.  i went to NOLA to visit Gellis and Gida and basically spent the weekend. rockband happened, and it was fun. :-D

oh look, discussion about childhood baggage )

Gellis and Gida have a teenager )

so do some other friends of ours... )

welcome to axemoor, brandi and R! )
look, a cheap frame! )

first workout today!  ETA 8.45pm: only 10minutes of dancing, but fun.  surprise!songs, because my ipod is synced to gellis's comp with *his* itunes as well as mine - oops!

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ok, so i decided to do a compare contrast of 2011's and 2010's  To-Do Lists, which actually function as my 'goals/resolutions' for the year.  for some reason, it just works better for me to title it as a To-Do List as opposed to a List of New Year's Resolutions.  i think of resolutions as major changes in direction, and i'm content with where i'm going right now.  and i don't usually say 'Goals', because i tend to think of Goals in the long-term; instead, i have a list of items to do to achieve those goals.  planning, thy name is boogie.

anyway, this post is likely to be graphics heavy, because i like the table-thingy, so most of this will be under various cuts.  it may take me a couple tries to get all the lj-cuts to work, so don't freak out too soon, 'kay?

Garden? )

stitchy all year long! )

tales of the SCA )

Fannish Activities are Fannish )

the next sections are broken out differently in 2011 than 2010 - the To Do List is an organic and constantly changing thing.

Admin and paperwork )

Furniture! )

Health overview )

Wrap-up )

-bs, planner and organizer extra-ordinaire

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i'm sure that title has been used by needleworkers before, heh.

more stitchy goodness )

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i'm finally done with the Vin-dog on my mag7 doggies stitch.  i'm both happy and sad - happy, because he looks great.   sad, because i don't want to stop stitching, but i have other obligations i must spend my time on.  *sigh*.
mag7 doggies stitched... )

-bs, stitchy
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so, after a particularly frustrating day yesterday, i decided on a LOTR marathon, and to finish stitching the Vin-doggie on the mag7 doggies.

after listening to the intro by Cate Blanchett, i came to a revelation: Wash. DC is Mordor.  no, seriously, think about it: the evil that rises in the east, in Mordor, where the politicians shadows lie... i'm not talking about just Obama or just this administration, although i think Obama is bringing this country that much closer to the breaking point.  there's been a serious shift in american political practices since at least the 1960s, one which seems to value extremism over leadership, polarization of the constituency over common common-sense goals; and a promotion of the breakdown of basic infrastructure.  in the beginning of this country, King George was the shadow, England was Mordor, and we were right to fight for our right to govern ourselves.  but we've given our rights away in bits and pieces, and we have only ourselves to blame for DC being in the state it is now.  i don't know if we're going to have another revolution, or how soon that might be... but i won't be surprised if it happens, either.

the next revelation is that i'm probably going to run out of browns on my mag7 doggies stitch.  i have at least 3 brown hats to stitch. 5 if Josiah and Nathan wear brown hats - Ezra wears a black hat like Chris, but JD, Vin, and Buck? all brown hats.  oi.  i'm at the point of modding the Vin-doggie.  i've already changed his holster to accomodate a Mare's Leg.  i'm going to make the stock on that gun darker than the one shown in the pic at that URL, because in this screencap, the stock looks like it was made out of a dark wood.  Vin will also get blue eye-beads, bugle beads for shells on the belt, and a neckerchief.  i haven't decided whether or not to give him a medicine pouch yet.  Vin wearing a medicine pouch is fanon, but i haven't actually seen any screencaps with him wearing one.  but sometimes fanon is stronger than canon.  we'll see.

i finally started noting down all the modifications i'm making to the pattern, too, because if i want to do this again, i'm going to want those in hand.

finally, i've been having trouble waking up in the morning.  i mean, really waking up.  sometimes, i'd fall right back asleep after i got up and took my meds.  i thought maybe this was the medication i had to take every 12 hours making me this sleepy, but this morning, i finally realized that that didn't account for the fact that even after evening meds, i was more awake than in the morning.  so *this* morning, i decided to keep one of the other meds for this evening, and it worked.  i'm actually more awake today than i have been for weeks.  i'm such a dumb-ass sometimes. *sighs*

such is my life.



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