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monday last week, i had to renew some prescriptions, and while i was heading to target, i finally got tired of my audiobooks, and decided to buy some CDs of some classics.  the conversation at the pharmacy counter went like this:

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i love a cappela groups, and better if they're hilarious.  a couple day's ago, courtesy of sally, i discovered the Spooky Men's Chorale, which lead me to want to visit Australia for the first time.

that's a link to the Chorale on a local game show, and it gives a good indication of just how good they are as a singing group, and at adapting arrangements.  i love a man who can sing well.  carry on, Chorale, carry on.

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KJV vs S&G

Jan. 27th, 2009 06:53 am
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so, i was listening to simon & garfunkel on the way to work this morning, and singing along, of course.  i notice i like the songs that have a juxtaposition of contretemp ideas in them best.  like the lullaby about the atom bomb, the version of scarborough fair with the descant about death.  'blessed' came on, and i was thinking about the beatitudes, which it quite heavily references.  so i was searched for the lyrics to show y'all the differences between the song and the original (according the KJV Bible, in this case, which i happen to prefer for the beautiful language). 

here's the original (Matthew 5:3-12):


Beatitudes )

and the song:


Blessed )


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