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The recent discussion on warnings and triggers has gotten me to thinking a bit, and instead of contributing in a major way to the discussion at large, I thought it might be time to post my personal warnings policy.

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I think i can get 5 things into here...

  1) I've been watching Game of Thrones lately, and I do have to say it's beautifully done, andGoT babble )

2) so... i've been working on a commission embroidery piece for a friend.  Pictures here: I *loved* working on this piece.  I couldn't put it down.  80 hours and a lot of new-to-me stitches later, i had a finished piece that i really liked the effect of.  I especially liked the bird wings - i did those with buttonhole bars.  most people seem to like the sheep, which is something like 400 french knots.  I also like mr. scott's hair, which is a blended needle, done in bullion knots.  *really* effective.  and you can see *vast* improvement in my split stitch from left (mr scott) to right (noble lord guy).  lot of fun, looking to do more of this in the future.

3)i've also been watching outlander.  i'm sort of miffed that they sold 'season 1 volume 1' and now i need volume 2 to finish the season... because, of course, Jaime and Claire are in a sticky situation at the last ep in volume 1.  This is a series i recommend watching.  Another cable channel series, another series based on books.  the cast and crew are *fantastic*, research for costuming is bloody amazing.  there's a lot of political stuff going on in there, and it helps to have at least a small foundation of history between England and Scotland, but it's not necessary.  beautiful, beautiful scenery of Scotland.

and that's my drama lately.

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So in the form of a list:

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Talking to me is actually fairly easy if you remember the following things:

talking to me is kind of like talking to most people. except not. )

In summary, I am who I am, and don’t need to change for you or anyone else to be fine just as I am. Can we have a different conversation, now?

-boogieshoes, the proud, independent, strong, working professional

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In which I comment on my reasons for writing fanfic. )


-BoogieShoes, the peeved off
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so... i've written roughly another 2000 words on Seventh Gift, and keep having little scenarios and scenes pop into my head as i wonder just how long it's going to be.  (it would be rather ironic if it turns out to be 30,000 words on the dot, and if that happens, i'm going to be seriously tempted to do some editing on my tenses to make the sections reflect the section headings....)  but Green Day, which just needs one last bit of editing done before i re-post it in it's final version, appears to be temporarily stalled.  i know this is because farad asked me what Vin was feeling in Dr. Will's office, and said that i needed to show that better.  i don't disagree, but ACK! feelings!  i'll trade you several emo tears if you just let me write about number line theory, really!

and even that reaction is strange, because i attempt to write each story in a style that will evoke a particular emotion in the readers, and if the feedback i'm getting is any indication, i'm doing fairly well at that.  not that i don't have a lot to learn, but that for where i'm at writing-wise, i'm managing to evoke the reactions i want fairly consistently.

but yeah.  i really, really want to finish Green Day, because i'm *so close*, and don't feel like i can do the christmas story in my werewolf AU or the meta inspired by farad's editing commentary on Green Day, even though i don't *have* to wait, in a technical sense.  it's just, i have this little list, and i totally can't move on to those smaller pieces until i finish the 'big piece' of Green Day, and it's kind of driving me batty.  and it's driving me batty that i'm pulling a blank on something i really should be able to add to Green Day quite easily. 

does anyone else's writing habits occasionally drive them around the bend?  why or why not?



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meta: 1) - n.  an essay characterized by discussion of little-known factoids that most people in the world don't care about.

2) - v. the process of searching for hours for that one little detail that will make or break your essay, which is too long and kind of incoherent anyway.  and enjoying the search.

-bs, snickering at self
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sooooo..... i've been reading pern-fic for the past couple of days, and squeeing happily over the awesome that is dragons. seriously, dragons just kick ass.

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