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my birthday is next week.  high on my "most wanted" list is a steamy Escorts AU fanfic.

Buck/ Chris anything.

Supernatural anything.

Kidfic with Buck or Chris the little ones (but not Buck and Chris both little in the same fic).

Sequal to "Loser Takes All" - what happens the next time someone gets in trouble? ;)

I have a special love for Vin is psychic/ gifted in some fashion stories.

I quite like the Yellowstone AU - gen or slash, more please?

Crack!fic... wing fic.... Crossover fic - i lover "Xander's real parents (Xander from BtVS)";  love the Highlander AU fics; how about some more Sentinel/ Mag7 fics, any time, any place, Sentinels known or not. :-)

All that, and if the Lord and Lady are truly pleased with me - a break in the weather.  I'm getting tired of 80% humidity and 95F weather....

-boogieshoes, humming
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[Error: unknown template qotd]believe it or not, using floral tape to keep my christmas tree from falling over.  i live in an apt, and have limited room to set up a christmas tree.  i bought a fake tree last year, and as i set it up, i just left the branches off the back side, which of course, made it lean to the front.  i was afraid it was going to fall over, so i took some floral tape and tied to one of the upper branches on the backside, and to the treestand.  the tension in the tape made the tree stand up straight, and all was saved.  all else is duct tape. :-)


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