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i'm testing the cross-post feature at DW.  i've finally decided to move my activity there entirely.  I will continue to cross-post so those who do not have dw journals can keep up with me, but if you have a dw acct, feel free to subscribe to me over there under the same name, and i will reciprocate.

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i keep thinking i'm going to start posting a series of essays, in the form of:

"This what i don't believe: catch-phrase
expandsion/ explanation

"This is what I believe: concept
expansion/ explanation"

i figure this will happen as soon as the heat death of the universe occurs, at the rate i'm getting around to things....

right now, it's kinda like:

I don't believe: I'm ever going to get the time to spend on the internet typing up all the enlightenment i've discovered over the ages....

i do belive: i will find a *ton* more things to rant about!.... and forget to do so!

oh, well - hey, fanfic!

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It's taken me longer than normal to do the goals post for 2015. The large part of this is that I've been sick. In fact, I'm sick again as I write this. However, this too, shall pass, and it's time to get busy.

Maintaining the Manor )

Updating the manor )

SCA Garden )

Keeping up with the Joneses )

SCA life )

Stitching Crazy )

Fanlife goals )

Administrative duties )

Health is a priority )

One day, I will finish this chair! )

My Greed List )
-boogie the busy
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So I wanted to post my Christmas pie-in-the-sky wishlist, because I’m feeling really greedy.

greedy christmas wish list here )

Whatever holidays you celebrate, whether with religious observances or commercial delights or an exuberance of both, Happy Holidays!

-boogieshoes, humming 'Walking in Women's Underwear'
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I think i can get 5 things into here...

  1) I've been watching Game of Thrones lately, and I do have to say it's beautifully done, andGoT babble )

2) so... i've been working on a commission embroidery piece for a friend.  Pictures here: I *loved* working on this piece.  I couldn't put it down.  80 hours and a lot of new-to-me stitches later, i had a finished piece that i really liked the effect of.  I especially liked the bird wings - i did those with buttonhole bars.  most people seem to like the sheep, which is something like 400 french knots.  I also like mr. scott's hair, which is a blended needle, done in bullion knots.  *really* effective.  and you can see *vast* improvement in my split stitch from left (mr scott) to right (noble lord guy).  lot of fun, looking to do more of this in the future.

3)i've also been watching outlander.  i'm sort of miffed that they sold 'season 1 volume 1' and now i need volume 2 to finish the season... because, of course, Jaime and Claire are in a sticky situation at the last ep in volume 1.  This is a series i recommend watching.  Another cable channel series, another series based on books.  the cast and crew are *fantastic*, research for costuming is bloody amazing.  there's a lot of political stuff going on in there, and it helps to have at least a small foundation of history between England and Scotland, but it's not necessary.  beautiful, beautiful scenery of Scotland.

and that's my drama lately.

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my birthday is next week.  high on my "most wanted" list is a steamy Escorts AU fanfic.

Buck/ Chris anything.

Supernatural anything.

Kidfic with Buck or Chris the little ones (but not Buck and Chris both little in the same fic).

Sequal to "Loser Takes All" - what happens the next time someone gets in trouble? ;)

I have a special love for Vin is psychic/ gifted in some fashion stories.

I quite like the Yellowstone AU - gen or slash, more please?

Crack!fic... wing fic.... Crossover fic - i lover "Xander's real parents (Xander from BtVS)";  love the Highlander AU fics; how about some more Sentinel/ Mag7 fics, any time, any place, Sentinels known or not. :-)

All that, and if the Lord and Lady are truly pleased with me - a break in the weather.  I'm getting tired of 80% humidity and 95F weather....

-boogieshoes, humming
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wishing everyone happy holidays this winter - or summer for those south of the equator - season.  as usual, i'll be driving all day tomorrow, so won't have a chance to post good wishes then, or for the next week.

however!  i did find the secret to uploading pics, so hopefully, i can do some much needed posting when i get back.

happy holidays!

-bs, in sleigh bells
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working on the image upload thing.  apparently i'm not the only one who's having issues uploading images.

if this works, you should see a picture of me in my hallowe'en costume.me_in_costume

please reply to this post and tell me if you can  see the pic.  also, i aplogize if i break your flist.

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i've been having major drama with my computer lately, culminating with an emergency buy this weekend. follow along the story now:

so the guest room is being done in 'bad victoriana impression of ancient egyptian' (because an accurate rendering of ancient egyptian furniture, even for the pharoah, would make guests run, instead of be delighted...), and the stencil being used to put grout lines on the wall got, well, gummy, as repeat stencils tend to do. and i decided to clean it with acetone.

this was my first mistake, because i had the acetone sitting higher than my toshiba laptop, and i was tired, and knocked the bottle over, and it splashed on the toshiba. i let it dry, but the keyboard was fried. so i went and bought a cheapy plug-in mouse and keyboard. then i started having problems with weird input bugs, and i thought it might be the old keyboard reading stuff even though i was using the plug-in. i researched at work, dl'd instructions to take out the on-board keyboard, had second thoughts, and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. the wireless combo worked for a while, especially after i updated the java script that runs things.

then the input bug came back. and i got frustrated friday night, and decided to finally take the inboard keyboard out... mistake #2.

i killed the toshiba. so Saturday morning i went to the local target, and bought new laptop. and an external hard-drive. then i went to the computer repair shop and asked if i could get a data transfer, and a downgrade to windows 7.

the data transfer was relatively successful. they didn't manage to get some of the programs across - like pidgin, the chat client, adobe reader, openoffice - but they got most of the files across, and did get mozilla firefox and thunderbird across. they got my old email file (yay!), but unfortunately, they didn't get my old bookmark file across. which sucks.

so monday (one of those short saturday/ closed sunday places), i picked up the laptop and brought it home and began to remove the crap windows insists on putting on their new boxes. i'd managed to put pidgin back on the new lappy, and gotten to the chatrooms - always the hardest part of a new machine for me - so i could have help if i needed it.

until i deleted the 'bluetooth thing'. yes, mistake number 3. see, i think bluetooth, and think the schizophrenic phone or smartphone type things. i don't think WLAN drivers... guess what this was? back to the computer store, sigh. and out more $$ to get them to undo my stupidity.

needless to say, i'm no longer going to be fixing my own computer. the local repair shop are nice people and don't make fun of me. at least while i'm in the store, hah.

anyway, i need to rebuild my bookmark file, so i'm taking favorite links in the comments for fanfic, writing tips, neat places to shop... etc.

-boogieshoes, the extremely frustrated
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My birthday is the 17th of this month, and I am greedy. Well, not really. I want some fairly simple things this year, albeit they may not be easy to get. My wishlist for this year’s birthday is:

  1. Someone to buy me a kit from Herrschner's.They’ve had some great deals lately, and I’m tired of not having the money to take advantage of it. Le sigh.
  2. Master the Single Brussles Stitch, also known as the detached buttonhole stitch. It seems like it should be fairly easy, and perhaps I’m doing it with the wrong weight thread, but it’s kicking my arse right now. And it plays a major part in my proposed stumpwork piece for my first SCA Arts & Sciences submission. So, you know, I kinda need to figure it out.
  3. I’m dying for a long, meaty Mag7 ATF:AU (or Skip Trace, although that may not be possible since Charlotte wants to file the serial numbers off, iirc) casefic told from Chris’s point of view, where:

    1. Buck sees ghosts like they were solid people
    2. This turns out to be a major plot point/ help in figuring out the case
    3. Vin seriously starts questioning Buck’s sanity, and pulls some stupid stuff because of it
    4. JD is afraid of Buck after his gift is revealed
    5. Somewhere in the fic is the line: ‘The first time Chris caught Buck talking to a ghost, he almost had him medically discharged from the Navy.’ (This can be modified to fit the scenario if necessary)
    6. Adults or other kids in Buck's childhood were physically abusive, and he has the physical scars to prove it. Buck never discusses them with the others (but Chris knows about them)
    7. Bonus Points if this is a Chris/Buck fic
    8. Points squared if they have a safe-sane-consensual D/S relationship
    9. And cubed if that is also a central plot-point somehow…
    10. 100 million points if Josiah’s girlfriend is actually a pre-op transgender XY.
    11. A Gazillion Million Points Raised To The Infinite Power Times Infinity if you can then transfer all these plot-points into a novel-length Dragonriders of Pern fusion-fic, and make it believable.

  4. And also, I’d love it if someone made me Dragonrider!7 icons.

Pretty please? Someone?

-boogieshoes, giving her fellow mag7 fen 'the big eyes'
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i'm back i'm back i'm back!!!  *hugs her flist so hard*

i had computer trouble the last week and a half - not horrible trouble, but trouble that required going to a shop and waiting for a part to be put in.  and the part ended up back-ordered.  and i realized how addicted i was to the lappy - every 30min i was thinking 'i gotta tell...' , 'i gotta ask...', 'i should google...'

it was *hard*!

i also discovered i dropped too pants sizes thanks to a wardrobe malfunction last wednesday. (zipper broke on work slacks, and they were old enough i just pitched 'em.)  anyway, i went from a size 24 to a size 20.  i'm still kind of plush at near-250lbs, but it's very encouraging to officially lose clothing sizes. :)

i also come back bearing gifts!  i got my ranty-pants on over the break, and will probably post that some time tomorrow, and i shall probably finish the post on visiting Grandpa this weekend and post that.  that last post is a year past due, oops.

i see that lj has changed it's posting interface, too.  eesh.  they keep coming up with these changes, and really ought to *keep it the same* thank you very much. i shall be wrestling with this tomorrow, i suppose...

-bs, in the midst of fandom squee, yet again
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that i like unpacking my books - it's like seeing old friends. :)

in other news, i'm beginning to truly hat LJ - why?  not because of ads, unnecessary new looks, or the rest of that crap, but because they *keep making it harder to login*.  seriously, LJ, seriously?

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Slavelabour gave me a gingerbread cookie!  thank you, it's delicious!  *noms*

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So, all the ‘serious’ wishlists have been made and sent out – the fandom stocking list is here, and my wishlist for the adults’ gift exchange was for my gift-giver to find a soldier serving in theater, and send him or her a letter.    What follows below is my ‘if wishes were horses’ wishlist… cause it’d be kinda cool if even the poorest among us  could afford good horses, good tack, and good equine-services to take care of our mounts.


time to make da cookies )


dude, LJ?

Dec. 12th, 2012 04:55 pm
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... please please please quit switching the way things look.  it's bad enough this place is a bloody graphics-rich environment without all those graphics constantly changing every 2months!

-bs, muttering
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so, i know it's bad form to essentially post an entry that's all about the link to *another* post, but since i was working on this last night, i know the original post will have 'scrolled off' a lot of people's flist page by now - especially if they've got a large flist.  and if y'all read it like i do, i stop reading when i see the latest familiar post, so people will end up skipping it by default if i don't link to it. 

second, i warn everyone that this post is a) tongue-in-cheek humor about how i voted, and b) it's *really* graphics heavy.  i mean, hugely.  and i'm not sure how to resize the graphics, so some of them *really* big. 

even so, especially if you're mag7 fan, but even if you just want a laugh, i think you'll get a kick out of my 'final decision' as detailed below.

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back online, and almost out of the apt - just the entertainment center left and that's being picked up by Goodwill tomorrow - i hope.  if nothing goes wrong.

the parental units are also coming in tomorrow afternoon, so i had to buy them bedding to sleep on... because i have no idea where the extra bedding is.  i also went in for 'window wear on the cheap', because i've got 5 windows in various bedrooms (and another 3 in the living rooms) that are large and clear - and at some point i'd like some privacy, even though the neighbors aren't physically close.

i hope everyone's ok, and no disasters have happened, personally or professionally, for anyone.

*hugs her flist*

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so, for everyone who celebrates a holiday of some sort this time of year - happy holidays!  whether it be Christmas, or Solstice, Yule, Kwanzaa or Chanakah, or some holiday i'm not familiar with, i sincerely wish you the best holiday ever.

and for those of you who don't have a specific holiday or break time at this point - i hope your next upcoming holiday or break is just as special and heart-warming and happy-making for you as our Winter Break/Yule/Christmas period is to us.

so, i don't bring it up a lot, but i'm Wiccan.  Wicca is a fertility religion that is focused on the cycle of life/death/rebirth, and the wheel of the year - spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter.  our big holiday this time of year is the Winter Solstice, one of the 8 Solar Holy Days we celebrate.  Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, longest night.  although Hallowe'en - Samhain - is the official 'End of the Old Year'/ 'Beginning of the New Year' holy day for most of us pagans, i admit to doing most of my 'turn of the year' chores around Christmas time.  it feels normal and natural to me, not in the least because it's the way i grew up - making resolutions every year at this time and planning out the next year.  of course, the Gregorian Calendar cycles to December 31st, not October 31st, so it also makes it a practical tradition for things like fiscal organization, etc.  and also, most businesses in the Western Hemisphere take this time off - hey look, 'spring cleaning' time... and also time to sort through what i have to do to make my own dreams and wishes come true.

all of this to say that in the immediate future, you can expect:

1) lessons learned from last year post
2) To-Do list for next year

i'm also hoping to clean up a few odds and ends this next week - i'm going to be visiting with my parents at the lake house, and i won't be online much, but my two big things are finishing the silly ornaments i wanted to do for everyone, and finishing a bunch of 'fics that i promised myself i'd do.... we'll see, but i'm hoping to at least make some progress on 7th Gift, and finish the slice of life fics that started with the Chris's 'Wednesday Meetings', and a couple more fics in the Highlander AU thing.  when i get back, I'd like to see how many pieces i can upload to AO3....

of course, i'm probably over-scheduling myself. :)



Nov. 24th, 2011 05:23 pm
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happy thanksgiving, everyone!  yes, even those who don't celebrate it today, or culturally - i promise i'll eat your share of turkey so you won't have to! ;)

today i'm thankful for:

good friends, online and in real life - collectively, they are a true bulwark against my own fears and doubts;
a good job - because even when i'm rolling my eyes at OWS rhetoric, i understand it's a bad economy, there's a lot of luck involved in staying afloat for a lot of people, and this way, i can try to help people here and there;
the health and safety of my friends and family, which is always precarious - although too many of you have been getting sick lately *frowny face*;
good fanfic writers, which i adore reading - you bring me a squeeful joy that makes my life bright;
a good imagination, because it's fun to create, even if it's in me own head;
the life of Anne McCaffrey, and all others who have entertained me on a professional level over the years -
     you are valued teachers of culture, history, knowledge and life-lessons, and i know i'm better for it.

-boogieshoes, not slinging the bs for once
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just a link to my latest workout blog, where-in i ponder about how, and how much, exercise fits into the program.



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