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hey, i did it - made a reasonably major advance on one of my stories! thus my goal for nano is achieved - write *something* this month, despite this being the busy part of my year!

for those of you who liked Tanya Evans dropping in on FC, that's the story i worked a little bit more on.  i changed the title to 'One Night In Bangkok' for various reasons, and it's likely to stay that way.  without further ado, here's what i've got of Ch. 4 (and 5? i haven't decided if i should put in a chapter break there at the end yet, but it might be a logical place to do it.)

Title: One Night In Bangkok
Fandom: Mag7: OW
Word Count: 1,495
Pairing: None/Gen
Rating: PG-13 up to present
Warnings: WIP, Pt 5/? 

previous parts found:

In Time Relieved, Pt 1/?;
In Time Relieved, Pt 2/?;
In Time Relieved, Pt 3/?;
In Time Relieved, Pt 4/?;

Hey Look! A new Title! )-bs
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more snippety from my mag7 story.  I hearby commence shamelessly begging for comments. -bs

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did i mention i was supposed to be doing actual work today?  well, i sort of am - the CFD case is cranking, anyway.


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story seems to be writing itself.  weird, that.  i don't know how long this will be, but to give some background, i envision this story as part of a duology.  this first part is supposed to be chris (Mag7) telling jim ellison (Sentinel) how he, vin, and buck got to the present (2006/7 or so).  so it's a very light corssover, obviously an AU to both universes.

at some point, i need to run this through a chris-voice beta, in addition to the regular beta-type stuff.  comments welcome, encouraged, and shamelessly begged for.



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In Time Relieved
Prologue )


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