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well, got the news today that the first attempt fell through - not through either my fault or the seller's fault, but because the seller's bank foreclosed on them over the weekend.  things were actually going pretty quickly for a short sale - it'd only been a month since we'd made the offer, we had a decent housing inspection, the sellers had co-operated with everything the bank asked.  the bank had finally appointed a negotiator on the contract, and the sellers had moved out this weekend.

and then the bank foreclosed, and even offered the sellers the option to move back in, because the bank's stated policy is *not* to sell foreclosed-upon properties for 12 months after foreclosure date.  (this has to do with the length of time mentioned in AL's Right of Redemption laws, ie, the prior owners have 12 mos. to make good on what they owe.)  the sellers did not take them up on the offer. 

i'm glad this did not drag out, but both the real estate agents and i are kind of baffled.  as it stands, the bank is not only going to lose the 70-80k short of what the sellers owe, but also another 20-30k as they lower the price to get rid of it.  *and* they're going to carry an investment they're not equipped to take care of, and the lack of maintenance will mean people will bid even lower than their asking point down the line.  it's kind of crazy.

i'm not as upset about this as i thought i would be.  baffled, but not upset.  i hit the lists again tonight to see what i can see.

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although if i didn't know i had dry skin issues, i might think it's a near thing.  i have a couple patches on my neck right now that look like a traditional Sunnydale barbeque fork incident.  *checks around for holy water just in case*

the house is coming along slowly, since it's the bank's pacing we're waiting on.  i'm getting impatient, because i'm sort of already planning a house-warming party, hee.

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it's a good thing this house thing is proceeding well, if slowly.  i'm currently watching my apt ceiling fall down underneath the a/c unit, because the unit is leaking like a sieve, and it's too damned hot out there to go without the ceiling.  it's not even June yet, and it's 93+, with 40% humidity.  *whimpers*

fortunately, the apt mngmt is good folks (tm), so i'm sure they'll understand when i slip them a note tomorrow.  but i can't wait to get my own house.

*chants* house, house, house, house

-bs, excited about house
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... are not actually 'short'.  while i'm waiting for news, i've decided on a buffy marathon this weekend, except for time to go get the car's oil changed tomorrow.  ... and i love Xander all over again, hah! (she says as Xander skateboards right into the railing on the front steps.)

also, i find it hilarious that i'm still 'honeymooning' on mag7 stuff... it's only been like... 5 years since i discovered the stuff. :-p

-bs, still excited about house...

'Xander.. is me...  maybe I'll see at you school... since we both... go there...'

have i mentioned Xander kicks ass?


May. 8th, 2012 05:58 pm
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i'm going to put an offer down on a house tomorrow.  no telling what will happen, as it's a potential short sale, and banks are weird, but here's hoping! :)

-bs, excited
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this afternoon at lunch, i called USAA and got a pre-approval for the amount that i wanted.  it's more than i think i will be spending on a house in this area, but i like a little cushion.  the nice lady said i could be approved for a lot more, but i don't actually want to spend that much - what happens if my job tanks?  i have a few houses in mind, but i'm definitely at the stage where i need to look inside 'em to see if i like what's there.  hence, i shall be calling real estate agents tomorrow to see if i can get an appt.  i have already made up my 'must-have/ would be nice/ don't want' list, and have a list of properties that i liked online... now, to see if they've got more, or know the secrets of the universe or something....

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*yawns*  sore throat today - i was probably snoring loudly enough to wake the dead last night.  and not just the local yokals, but i'm sure you could probably but togather a 28 Days Later sequal from the folks who rose up to tell me to *shut* up, heh.

another one for the books )

chair fixin's )

healthy is as healthy does )

the great house savings race )

and that's the state of boogie, today.

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so, i received some good news today: i've payed on-time and in-full for 36 consecutive payments on my student loans as of this month, and as a reward, they lowered my interest rates a whole percentage point.  go me. :)  i still have about $30k in loans left, but i got excited and decided to see how much longer i had to pay on my loans, presuming i didn't change my current payment schedule.  11.5 years more, it came out to.  that's an early payoff, btw. 

so... i went on to my credit card pmts.... if i keep everything the same, i can pay my cc off in 2 years, 9mos. 

then i went to my savings accounts.  i've got 3, because i bucket-organize financials, and just to have the habit going, i pay $10 to each of them every month.  i decided to find out how much i'd have to save every month to reach a 3.5% downpayment on a $150k house, assuming i'm paying $4000 in closing costs.  and then i actually did a little grid action - how much to reach that number in 1,2,3,4, or 5 years, and then repeating the process for 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% downpayments.  it's an eye-opener. :-p

to give you the range, if i wanted to save 20% down in 1 year, i need to put $2825/mo.  for 3.5% down in 5 years, $160/mo. 

the next step was to check out my income, and how much is going to various things.  given that and the information above, i think i can swing $375/mo in my house bucket, which gets me to 3.5% in 2 years.  i *may* be able to save more, but i'm not sure, and we'll have to see how things work out, first.  there's a lot of stuff i 'guesstimated' - food, clothes, etc, because i'm in no ways consistent on it.  i can easily not buy more dvds or breyers or cross-stitch kits (well, not *easily*, but you know what i mean), but i need food and clothes.  i don't actually buy a whole lot of clothes - probably less than the usual woman in my income bracket by a fair bit.  but food has always been a big variable for me.

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so, when i'm feeling a little stressed, looking at houses and dreaming of winning the lottery helps a bit.  it's fun.  but, um... 'microwave ovens' are not a feature of a $2.5million dollar house.  not unless it's a historical piece built before 1950. 

just sayin'.

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so, yesterday AM, i checked the USAA website, saw that they did indeed have house mortgage products, and called them.  turns out that they don't have products suitable for first-time home buyers, so i'm going to call Wells Fargo today.  W-F approved me 3 years ago for a no $$ down loan when i was in a much weaker economic position, so i'm not really anticipating any problems.  you never really know, of course, so wish me luck anyways.

mom called last night around 8pm - she got home fine. 

i pretty much zonked out last night.  i knew i would.  wednesday was a bit of a long day, and thursday had headache issues, and i just needed a break and a good night's sleep.  feeling better today, although also very TGIF, only got to deal with work for another 8hrs. :-p

more updates later.


ETA:  i just called Wells Fargo, and they not only don't do the 8k credit as a down payment, but they don't do no-$$ down loans anymore, either.  the lowest they go - the FHA option - is 3.5%  on $150k, it's about 6k, $125k, that's $4k.  i don't have that in the bank: i'd have to wipe out my checking account *and* max out my credit card again.  i've been so excited, and i want a doggie so much.  i could really just cry right now.
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well, we went out to the area off 433/ Thompson Rd last night, and were un-impressed.  it looks like it got hit hard and they were having a difficult time recovering.  quality of area increased the further south you went, and there were some cute houses (and some real mind-bogglers, like the one house painted *black*!), but still, we were not in love with the place at all.

potentials in this area were:


but it's highly unlikely i'll buy in this area.  the warm fuzzies were totally missing.

then we crossed I-12 at exit 80/ airport blvd, and looked at some areas there.  this is where engineering (work) used to be located before they decided to locate us all together in a facility on Gause Blvd.  the neighborhood i turned into on the west side of airport blvd was... well, the warm fuzzies were not only not there, they had fled in terror.  it was a 'definitly NOT!' area.

so, we went across to the east side of airport, and found the oakmont subdivision, which is very classy.  it's much classier than the area we visited off westminster sunday (which includes the Drury Ln house i posted yesterday).  it had a surprising number of colonials, surprising because the south tends to run to ranch houses, rather than 2+ stories.

possibles in this area:
(after a walkthrough to determine just how much work would have to be done)

there are a couple others we saw, but i'll have to talk to the realtor about information on them.

a co-worker tells me these houses are tract houses, and the builders have a reputation for using the cheapest possible materials, which... as long as there aren't structural problems, i'm relatively ok with. (he owns a house built by these guys, and it survived katrina....)

probably not tonight, but this weekend, i'm going to see if i can't find the tanglewood area, which is supposed to be somewhat prestigious/ popular, and also look at some neighborhoods around Robert Rd and I-12.

we finished off the night by going to the local copeland's, which i hadn't been to before. OMGWTFAMAZING! food.  totally worth the price tag.  mom went home to the st louis area today *sniffs*.  we have so much fun looking at houses together.

-bs, hoping her mother has a safe trip
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specifically, this house:

this is the area i visited saturday morning, and again, sunday, with my Mom.  great area.  we're looking out off thompson road/ 433 tonight - one of the local SCA-ers lives out thataway, i think.  that neighborhood will mark the furthest west i'm willing to go.  i'm somewhat leary of going too far north of I-12, except in specific areas, like around robert road or airport blvd, because i get the impression that 'easy access to the highway' isn't always available.  i'm marking the tanglewood subdivision as an area i want to look into, as well.

Mom and i saw Doubt and started watching Happy Feet Monday night - Aunt Flow is making an untimely (when aren't they?) visit and rather rudely interfered with the great house-hunting plans.  i had seen the trailers for Doubt, and thought it might be good, but my impression of the movie was that it was only about half a story.  the problem and character introduction took up the entire movie, and then we got the denoument, and i was left with a feeling of, 'wait, what?  that's *it*?' 

Happy Feet didn't strike either of us as really worthwhile.  it's always a bit of a toss-up with kids' movies.  i can handle the utter cliche-ness of a piece if the artwork and characterization is phenomenal, but Happy Feet fell kind of flat on the latter, and actually suffered from too much realism in the former.  it strikes me as weird to say you can be 'too realistic' in a movie like this, but the tap-dancing really didn't come out well.  it looked like more energetic shuffling.  i was a bit non-plussed to realize i bought the dancing penguins in Mary Poppins, but just couldn't allow Mumble.

tuesday, Mom and I went to the local SCA pop meeting, where Mom was introduced to my gracious, crazy, lovable, huggable 'family of choice'.  i had to bite my lip to keep from laughing, tho, as i watched Gellis start to say something, glance at Mom, and *visibly swallow* his remark.  several times.  oh, my, it was funny.  i handed out the rest of my birthday cake at the meeting. :-)  Baronial Championships seem to be set the first weekend of Nov - Nov 7th - at the Renfair.  the scheduling issue dragon was mighty this year, but it has been beaten back again.  Mom informs me that the week of Nov 7th, their church is doing a build trip to Port Arthur, and therefor, i may get to see Dad that weekend - yay!  if he comes in friday night, i'd love to take him to Baronial Championships, especially since he wouldn't have to dress up at the ren-fair.

that's all for today.  stay tuned for another exciting episode of the Life of Bryan Boogieshoes.



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so, the cake is garnering lots of positive comments!  lots of godfather jokes, too, but that's sort of to be expected.  presumably, i'll have pics after lunch, but it may have to wait until tomorrow to get them posted.  pics of the chris-dog from the mag7 doggies pattern, too!

mom arrived safe and sound yesterday, and we immediately, just about got into a little spat.  we started over and are ok now, but eesh, i kinda knew that was going to happen. i took her to the Westminster neighborhood, and she agreed that it was a great little area.  i like it much better than the maris stella neighborhood.  the maris stella area wasn't *bad*, but it just *seemed* more run-down, possibly older, than the Westminster area, which is not actually too far from it.

this is my favorite from the Westminster area:

but there are a lot of good houses for sale there - or at least, the drive-by looks good.  until you get in ang get an inspection, you can't really tell if it's 'good' or just 'good paint'.

we are going to see the area off Thompson Rd, which would be my 'farthest west' limit tonight.  it's just outside the city limits, so prices are a little cheaper.

i'm both excited, and tired.  excited, cause it's my birthday, and the cake is awesome and everything.  and tired, because it's the first day of my period this month, and getting rid of the cramps also puts me right to sleep. :-p

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dude, i get so creative in titles, and then am so mundane in the post entry.... anyway, three bullet points today:

*the house.  i went to see the house from yesterday.  the house itself is every bit as cute as advertised.  the neighborhood didn't give me warm fuzzies though.  turns out i'd been there before on a previous house-hunting expedition a couple of years ago, and it still looked like a major disaster area.  even if that area didn't flood from katrina, i know it got major amounts of wind damage - you could just see it.  they've made a lot of improvements since then, but literally, right across the street was an abandoned house with broken windows.  um, no.  there were a lot of houses that showed pride of place, but there were enough houses that just looked like crap that it was an instant turn-off.

i'm going this afternoon/ evening to the carolton (?) area, which is across gause from Momma Tegan's place.  it's a bit more upscale than Tegan's neighborhood, i think.  i know there were some listings there in my price range, though, and it's worth checking out.  this weekend, i may go past 433 to look in that area.  we'll see.

*the Wii-fit.  finally got onto the Wii again last night, and felt less guilty. :-p  it tells me i've lost 9lbs in 7 days - i'm not sure i believe it, but oh, well, the point is to do it.  i did the long run (very pretty) and almost didn't make it, heh.  also did the kundalini breathing and the warrior pose yoga stuff.  i've got more options in the yoga section, but i'm not really balanced-enough for 'em.

* Green Day fic... got in touch with badgersathome yesterday who assures me he got the file i sent, he's just painting.  i assured him that i'm all cool with that, to take the time he needs to get around to my fanfic, i was just worried because gmail and yahoo don't always play nicely together.  badgersathome says at least 2 weeks before he works on my stuff.  again, it's all cool, just wanted to give those who are following this an idea of what's going on.

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So, my Wii-fit is going to be really snarky by the time i get back to it.  Spending more time house-hunting than anything else.  Lots of good real estate out there, though.  I thought I'd put up my lists - necessities/ wishes, and let you guys pick at it.

because this takes up a lot of space, even tho it's not a lot of info... )



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