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2017 appears to be starting off on the right foot at least.  I remember last year, I started by getting the flu that was going around - TWICE.  Things never quite picked up after that.

This year, I hope things are better, both in general and for personal health/ house health/ etc.


potion no. 9 especially )


i'm gonna make this house my home )


i will get things to grow, darnit! )


and i'll have a pretty yard! )


i especially want to improve arch-ing )


i'm really trying to finish old stuff before starting new stuff. really. )

i promise this year will be better! )


i expect to nail this one again... watch me fall on my face )


tum-te-tum-tum - hey, donuts! )


ah, the sweet sounds of saws! )


alms for the poor? anyone? )

So, a final note here - especially with the fannish things and trying to keep up community journals and things, I think the home PC being set up will help a lot.  I've already mentioned the advantages of the pilates up there. :)

-boogieshoes, busy as a beaver
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So, I'm not too late on round-up and to-do lists this year. I finally got around to setting up the office, and this figures into my 'done it' file. Poor Abbie (my dog) is sitting next to me wishing i was sitting on the couch, instead of said office...

Anyway, on to the listy!

household maintenance is expensive! )

*dusts off the house update list* )

This is purely the section for the partierre garden. )

$50/mo doesn't go far )

the SCA is awesome! )

look, i finished stuff! now i have to finish it, lol )

still in mag7 honeymoon... and still biting off more than i can chew here... )

i nailed this one! )

I've always said flexibility is over-rated... )

*runs away screaming* )

*sighs sorrowfully at the wishlist* )

and that's all she wrote today. my wrists have been getting pretty sore lately, probably carpal tunnel or arthritis, so the 2017 To-Done is going to have to wait for another day. Probably tomorrow, since I don't want to lose momentum. In Feb, at my normal check-up, I'm going to ask doc about my wrists, though...

I survived 2016, which turned out to be a shitty year for a lot of people. My hope for us all is that 2017 is much better. We need much better in our lives. And I'm not talking politics, I'm talking good jobs, good friends surviving, and good family of choice loving us. So 2017, take my advice: take off your pants, and slide on the ice!

-boogieshoes, wishing everyone a happy new year
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I'm finally getting around to doing this post, which is one of only 2 posts I try to make certain I do.  The other post is, of course, the yearly round-up.  So it's with mild guilt that I realize I've not posted this until nearly Feb.

Deck the halls of the house with folly... )

Mary Mary quite contrary... )

Yarding by the Garden.... )

Middle Ages Mash-ups )

Stitchy Woman... )

I swear I will be fan-active! .... someday )

bills bills bills )

Personal ADMIN:
  1) Organize household items, including
       a) disaster kit
  2) Transfer data from old laptops to PC, when i get it.
  3) Make the database for my library
  4) File rest of bills from 2012 – and now, also 2013!... and now 2014...2015...
  5) Convert VHS and audio tapes to updated platforms. (Contingent on buying platform converters)
  6) Make a list of cyclical maintenance duties and times due.
9) pay good chunk of personal CC

to my health! )

Furniture Fair (-y Tale) )

Wishlist )

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It's taken me longer than normal to do the goals post for 2015. The large part of this is that I've been sick. In fact, I'm sick again as I write this. However, this too, shall pass, and it's time to get busy.

Maintaining the Manor )

Updating the manor )

SCA Garden )

Keeping up with the Joneses )

SCA life )

Stitching Crazy )

Fanlife goals )

Administrative duties )

Health is a priority )

One day, I will finish this chair! )

My Greed List )
-boogie the busy
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The To-Do List is undergoing a lot of changes from the 2013 version, mostly based on lessons learned, and with a goal to keeping better track of all the things I *really* do, which don’t always get put on the list.  The better I know how much I actually do, the less I feel like a slacker when things on this list don’t get done.

the house that boogie built )

Rosemary's Garden... )

SCA where my heart lies )

Mmmm, counted embroidery )

This is not the canon you're looking for... )

Now serving customer #1 )

I shall have my health )

BS the Carpenter )


-bs, busy as a bee

ETA1: 22 Mar, first major update
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So it’s mostly good news at Chez Boogs. Abbie and I had our vet appointments recently, and health ratings are up.

Abs gained 15 lbs, I lost 2 lbs from the last visit, for a total of 10 lbs weight loss – slow and steady wins the race. I also realized I lost two pants sizes, from size 24 (US) to 20 (also US). First time I’ve enjoyed shopping in a long time.

I have a heart rate of 78 BPM; Abbie’s is ‘hey, wait, I’m not finished taking your pulse yet!’.

My Blood Pressure is 123/81, Abbie’s is ‘yeah, whatever.’ (It’s so hard being a dog).

And I don’t have heart worms, and am up on my rabies, shots, and Abbie’s had her flu shots, so that’s all good, too.

I’ve been trying to focus on sticking a little better to my low-carb high-fat diet, and I can see and feel a difference.

tmi part )

house goes and woes )

the garden giveth... surprisingly well! )

-bs, free and easy on the road I go
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So I think I will end up rolling over most of the 2013 list straight to the 2014 list.  Part of that is the result of unexpected trips to Germany and Lenexa for work, and part of that is that I under-estimated how much stuff I could do on the house, regarding energy levels and actual monetary levels.

General Comments on life )

Learning to be a home-owner )
Learning to be a groundskeeper )
Affairs of the SCA heart )

My happy place... where i don't spend near enough time! )

A conversation with the canon )
Administrative privileges... )
My health is healthy )

but my furniture is stale... )

Reports on my GREED )

And that’s been my life in 2013: settling into the house, having a lot of life changes, and doing a lot of work, both fun and not.  It was a very good year overall, I felt, both at home on this personal level, and at work.


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For 2013, the To-Do List is now filled with some House-related items, which is fun.  Mostly.  When it’s not yet another learning experience. *grins*

House-hold doings this year )

Green Bein's )

Lady Brigid the lacksadaisical )

Stitching Monster Me )

Fandom Activity )

Life like a Mentos Commercial )

Wishlist )

-bs, the busy, the greedy, the just darned cool ;-)
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.... and my period is starting... i don't recommend it.  *clutches tummy* oooooh!

so obviously, one of the things i've done is start new way of eating. Cut for diet stuff, which may or may not be triggery )

in other news, i swear i'm going to make a post about the house and the trip to oregon this spring RSN.  as soon as i stop spinning around like a car axle.  i even uploaded all the pictures to *make* those posts.... oi. i can't believe the year is half-over already.

-bs, alive and well... (behind on everything, lol)
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2012 To-Do List

A few comments on 2012 from personal memories:

2012 was dominated by achievement of HOUSE, which is awesome in several ways. 

I plan in layers when it comes to finances, you see... )

-bs, the happy home-owner
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2012 To-Do List

So, I had intended to save up enough money to buy a house by the Dec 2011/Jan 2012 time-frame.  That ended up being a bit of an aggressive goal.  I'm 2/3 of the way there, but I think I'll need another 6mos before I actually buy.  There's also some things that rolled over from last year's To-Do list.

Trying to lighten the load because of predicted Household move... )

-bs, the eternally busy... and excited about a potential house this year!
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distance on reclined bike: 3.5 miles, time: 22.5 minutes, more or less.
on thursday last, it was 3 miles and 17min.

i wanted to go to the gym on monday, but had one of those eye-throbby headaches that makes it impossible to do anything.  i can't go tomorrow - i'm saving wednesdays for horse-back riding lessons when i get there, which is still a half-year away, at best.


gym stats

Apr. 10th, 2012 06:14 pm
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managed to get back into the gym today - last week with the sickies it was a total no-go.  did another 3mi on the exercise bike, around about 17.5min, 102cals by the digital board on there.  i blasted my ipod in my ears and now i have a mild case of tinnitus while my eardrums recover.  and i just indulged in a bunch of chips and guacamole dip - one of the hardest things about 'being healthy' is that the only crunchy food i can eat is carrots - and that gets boring after a while.  but why do i positively *crave* tostada chips after working out?


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... much less that they could occur.  i'm in the midst of period woes, which is bad enough, but i've also managed to pick up some kind of cold.  or allergy-from-hell.  so if my belly isn't cramping, my head is aching.  and frequently, both together.  and i've been sneezing, coughing, and sniffling all weekend.  i already sent in an email to work telling i'm taking tomorrow off sick.  i don't even want to try.

*curls up on the couch and whimpers*

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reclined bike:  another 3 miles. 
time: 18ish minutes

3/4 of the way through the first mile, my right knee started aching a bit on the inside.  i'm a leg-jiggler at work, and that's the leg that bounces most of the time.  i suspect that was the culprit, because my left knee, which doesn't jiggle, was fine.

i never got to the point of agony or 'can't do it', but it was definitely a bit harder to push through today.  and that's ok, that means i'm stretching my muscles.

in other news, i've decided i love the song 'beer for my horses', but i really need someone to write a song for military brats.  or just me.  i know part of the lyrics would be:

'i was born across the sea,
but i'm not an immigrant.
i've done things that'll make you jealous,
and things that'll make you cry,
and all because of a bloody uncle
who took my Dad away from me.'

and i think the refrain should go:

'i know what it means to be free,
and just who it is that waters the tree of liberty.
i honor the ones who've gone before me,
and not just the Blue and the Grey,
but also Susan B. and MLK -
and Dad is my hero, more every day.'

... and it needs something.  well, a lot.  like verses and polishing.  and something about wanting to be a SEAL when i grew up, only to find out that literally, i didn't have the balls for it.  (because i'm a girl, silly, not because i'm short on courage!)

except that i just made myself sniffle, so i need to stop here.  *hugs flist*


gym stats

Mar. 27th, 2012 06:33 pm
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so finally made it back in to the gym today, and i did:
3 miles on the reclined bike
time: 18.50ish.

my feet and muscles hurt, which is good, but eesh.

in other news, i felt the need for a worry stone today for the first time in *years*.  before GW, i kind of walked into the trash/bathroom guy at work making a pass at me.  i didn't realize he was going there, and i didn't mean to lead him on, but i'm not attracted to him, and he managed to push all my paranoia buttons by asking me if i'd date him right *after* he determined i was all alone in the area, *and* after he started the conversation by admitting he couldn't remember my name.

i don't think i've done anything flirty or whatever, but i let it go and figure i'm over-reacting.

today, he changed his route on the second floor to come past my cubicle - usually he goes up the middle.  i still don't think he's dangerous, and i still think i'm over-reacting, but he's hitting all my 'oh shit!' buttons, and i don't know how to let him know it's not appreciated without making a big deal over it.

the sad thing is, if i gave him any 'signals' at all, it's because i talked to him like he was an equal, not an inferior

this afternoon, i kept wishing i had a Buck Wilmington handy to take care of this problem for me.

-boogieshoes, sighing at life
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cheers: me, for working out for the first time in 3 wks.  1.75mi on the exercise bike, 10min, 30s.
cheers: Aviation Week and Space Tech, for having an issue chock-full of data on current aircraft up in the air this year/last year.  and not just planes, but blimps, UAVs, and rockets.  woo-hoo.

jeers: me, for not really being productive at work today.  oh, i tried, but i had a *bad* case of the 'i don't wannas'.  eesh.


gym stats

Feb. 2nd, 2012 05:18 pm
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official weigh-in, wk 5: 262.2lbs
miles on the reclined bike: 1.5
time spent: 9 min
mock-arguments with an older black gentleman
who does his workouts about the same time as i:  1, which i think i lost, if the Patented Look of Extreme
                                                                                      Disbelief  was anything to go by...
bystanders cackling because of said argument: also 1, and *he* believed me, so there, older gentleman-guy!

always good to leave on a up-note, i guess. :)

more seriously, next week is 1.75 miles, and if mild twinges today are anything to go  by, i may be sitting at 1.75 miles for a bit.  i'm not sure if today was bad because my knees generally hate me by thursdays, or if 1.5 miles was the beginning of a real effort - we'll see what next week feels like.


gym stats

Jan. 31st, 2012 04:59 pm
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1.5 miles on the reclined bike.  est time: 7min, since i didn't actually keep an eye on the clock.  *sheepish look*

knees don't hurt as such, but i can feel twinges around the joints. 

not looking forward to the scale on thursday, but alas, it's a necessity. 

i'm feeling good today, but also, weirdly awkward in trying to find anything relevant to say.  so, uh *waves to flist*  until next time!


gym stats

Jan. 26th, 2012 05:43 pm
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official weigh-in, 263. *rolls eyes*  gotta stop eating at the cafe at work.  it's conveniant, but too calorie-intense, and it's really not worth it taste-wise, besides.

another 1 1/4 mile on the reclined bike.  time: about 6.5min.

next week, i will add another 1/4 mile, and the week after that, and so on, until i start having trouble, at which point i will add as i feel able too.

my hips hurt, not because of the bike... suspect i need to stretch more in the morning, but sleeping in is much more attractive, heh.



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