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so, yesterday, while the teh internetz was down at work, i reviewed some of my story WIPs, which are in a much sadder state that my cross-stitch WIPs, and realized that i knew where one of them was going... at least in the immediate future. so i finished Chapter 1 of the GDP/Mag7 fusion fic. and i do mean 'Chapter' - it's 6 pages long in MSWord in a 10pt font, and is already at just under 4000 words.

i posted snippets of the first chapter of the GDP/Mag7 fusion fic before, but wanted to post it here in it's entirety for all and sundry. the plan is to finish the entire fic and have someone - or ones, more likely - vet it for various things. at any rate, i present 'Magnificent 7.5: Beginnings' *:



Magnificent 7.5: Ch.1 Complete )


*it's a working title, and yeah, i'm taking suggestions

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blerg - what is it about not getting any sleep sunday nights?  it's almost like i'm afraid my alarm clock won't work.  which is silly, it goes off bright and early at oh-dark-thirty.  

at any rate, i'm trying to dedicate at least an hour a week to writing.  more is better.  and i like the early morning thing at work.  no one's here to bug me.  so, more 'Quirks and Quarks' below.

that's all for now.  work's starting.

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 felt like writing a bit this morning, so here is (at least part) of the rest of the introductory chapter from the other day...

more later, but work is about to start, so...

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... which means for me, it's still *sunday*.  ::grumps::  this is not cool.  i hate that every time my routine changes, i flip out internally.  i hate that i am currently under a lot of stress.  i hate that i am clenching my teeth so hard when i do manage a few winks that my jaw hurts from residual muscle ache, not joint inflation.  i really hate that the stories i tell myself to get myself to relax at night and sleep, secure in the illusory embrace of my favorite bad element characters - aren't working to calm me down and let me sleep.  i am very very much looking forward to libertycon, where i can let someone else touch me, reassure me, be the strong one for a bit.  

in the meantime, i shall treat you to the introductory scene of one of the stories that's been in my head for a while.



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