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I'm finally getting around to doing this post, which is one of only 2 posts I try to make certain I do.  The other post is, of course, the yearly round-up.  So it's with mild guilt that I realize I've not posted this until nearly Feb.

Deck the halls of the house with folly... )

Mary Mary quite contrary... )

Yarding by the Garden.... )

Middle Ages Mash-ups )

Stitchy Woman... )

I swear I will be fan-active! .... someday )

bills bills bills )

Personal ADMIN:
  1) Organize household items, including
       a) disaster kit
  2) Transfer data from old laptops to PC, when i get it.
  3) Make the database for my library
  4) File rest of bills from 2012 – and now, also 2013!... and now 2014...2015...
  5) Convert VHS and audio tapes to updated platforms. (Contingent on buying platform converters)
  6) Make a list of cyclical maintenance duties and times due.
9) pay good chunk of personal CC

to my health! )

Furniture Fair (-y Tale) )

Wishlist )

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My birthday is the 17th of this month, and I am greedy. Well, not really. I want some fairly simple things this year, albeit they may not be easy to get. My wishlist for this year’s birthday is:

  1. Someone to buy me a kit from Herrschner's.They’ve had some great deals lately, and I’m tired of not having the money to take advantage of it. Le sigh.
  2. Master the Single Brussles Stitch, also known as the detached buttonhole stitch. It seems like it should be fairly easy, and perhaps I’m doing it with the wrong weight thread, but it’s kicking my arse right now. And it plays a major part in my proposed stumpwork piece for my first SCA Arts & Sciences submission. So, you know, I kinda need to figure it out.
  3. I’m dying for a long, meaty Mag7 ATF:AU (or Skip Trace, although that may not be possible since Charlotte wants to file the serial numbers off, iirc) casefic told from Chris’s point of view, where:

    1. Buck sees ghosts like they were solid people
    2. This turns out to be a major plot point/ help in figuring out the case
    3. Vin seriously starts questioning Buck’s sanity, and pulls some stupid stuff because of it
    4. JD is afraid of Buck after his gift is revealed
    5. Somewhere in the fic is the line: ‘The first time Chris caught Buck talking to a ghost, he almost had him medically discharged from the Navy.’ (This can be modified to fit the scenario if necessary)
    6. Adults or other kids in Buck's childhood were physically abusive, and he has the physical scars to prove it. Buck never discusses them with the others (but Chris knows about them)
    7. Bonus Points if this is a Chris/Buck fic
    8. Points squared if they have a safe-sane-consensual D/S relationship
    9. And cubed if that is also a central plot-point somehow…
    10. 100 million points if Josiah’s girlfriend is actually a pre-op transgender XY.
    11. A Gazillion Million Points Raised To The Infinite Power Times Infinity if you can then transfer all these plot-points into a novel-length Dragonriders of Pern fusion-fic, and make it believable.

  4. And also, I’d love it if someone made me Dragonrider!7 icons.

Pretty please? Someone?

-boogieshoes, giving her fellow mag7 fen 'the big eyes'
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So I think I will end up rolling over most of the 2013 list straight to the 2014 list.  Part of that is the result of unexpected trips to Germany and Lenexa for work, and part of that is that I under-estimated how much stuff I could do on the house, regarding energy levels and actual monetary levels.

General Comments on life )

Learning to be a home-owner )
Learning to be a groundskeeper )
Affairs of the SCA heart )

My happy place... where i don't spend near enough time! )

A conversation with the canon )
Administrative privileges... )
My health is healthy )

but my furniture is stale... )

Reports on my GREED )

And that’s been my life in 2013: settling into the house, having a lot of life changes, and doing a lot of work, both fun and not.  It was a very good year overall, I felt, both at home on this personal level, and at work.


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For 2013, the To-Do List is now filled with some House-related items, which is fun.  Mostly.  When it’s not yet another learning experience. *grins*

House-hold doings this year )

Green Bein's )

Lady Brigid the lacksadaisical )

Stitching Monster Me )

Fandom Activity )

Life like a Mentos Commercial )

Wishlist )

-bs, the busy, the greedy, the just darned cool ;-)
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2012 To-Do List

A few comments on 2012 from personal memories:

2012 was dominated by achievement of HOUSE, which is awesome in several ways. 

I plan in layers when it comes to finances, you see... )

-bs, the happy home-owner
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.... or does this look like a young Micheal Beihn to you?

it's Kyrie Elaison by Mr. Mister... and then i got to thinking... if that lead singer looks like a young Micheal Beihn, the keyboardist reminds me of Ezra... and of course, once i started down the rock band AUs, then that has to be Vin Tanner shyly peaking out from under his hair on drums (the 1980s did *nothing* for his hair... just sayin')... which means the guitarist is probably Buck... with a dye job... ooo, boy.

back to your regularly scheduled fandom, now...

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just out of curiosity, does anyone in fandom on my flist know of a story that takes the 'Magical Healing Cock' trope (FanLore link) to it's logical conclusion - that of making the character an actual sex therapist?

i seem to recall that there was one AU in The Sentinel fandom where the Sentinel could literally f*ck his Guide into health.  which is kind of a scary thing, now that i think about it, because what happens if you're already healthy when you have sex?  grow the tail that evolved away?  maybe turn on some of the bits of 'junk DNA' left over from millions of billions of years of evolution?  maybe we shouldn't go there.

anyway, i was wondering about this because i suddenly had a vision of the mag7 guys as a collection of psychiatrists/ psychologists/ therapists.  maybe at the '4C Mind and Body Center'.  i thought yeah, that might be interesting.  the 7 of them working in a whole-body health clinic that integrated therapies for their clients.  Josiah, as the oldest and presumably most experienced, could specialize in profiling patients, building a baseline of personality and needs so that the others could tailor the therapies they offered to fit in best. 

Nathan could be in some kind of internist/ nutritional balance/ pharmacist position, specializing in integrating medicinal therapies with patient requirements.  like, how people with blood pressure medications can't eat grapefruit, or how taking St John's Wort may be a good substitute, but it should be treated like a MAOI drug and the diet adjusted accordingly.

Vin could be the physical therapist, knowing how the body moves, and/or is supposed to move and helping people regain their flexibility and muscle movement.

Ezra could be an occupational therapist. :) 

JD could do be the genius who figures out how to handle each patient's accessibility needs, and how to accomodate them.

Chris would be another psychologist, specializing in helping traumatized patients with PTSD and/or wounded warrior type stuff and etc.

And if Buck ain't a sex therapist... i'm not sure where to put him ;)  just call him mr. Dr. Ruth.

this idea is up for grabs, if anyone wants to use it.  i'm tagging this post as a dream-journal entry so it's easier to find.

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so at work, i'm reading software requirements and standards documents, which is a combination of extremely interesting, and extremely boring, but more importantly, is re-inspiring me to develop computer games.  following requirements satisfaction schemes. 

i've always had two games in mind that i'd love to do - one is effectively a first-person shooter based on Pern (of course!), and the other is more a 'series of puzzles/mysteries' game based on the Heralds of Valdemar.  i've always figured that the second one would be harder, because the basis of the first one is a monte carlo sequence of threads falling, which the player responds to a bit like the old Galaga video game: scoot and shoot.

then you - well, i - got to thinking.  i mean, you could add levels of reality:  wind turbulance, visibility, rain/snow/ice or hot hot sun.  maybe there would be a burrow sweep afterwards.  you could have a training period, gain experience points by successfully burning thread from the sky, or lose it if the dragon gets hit badly and you need to 're-train' when he recovers to deal with the scar tissue.  you could have the different colors of dragons taking care of different levels, with response times to the joystick or whatever based on dragon size (larger = slower), or maybe if you fly a lower level, part of the advancement package would include directing those above you.

and then it gets complicated.  there's impression, and the Kit Ping gender-selection and inhibitor thing.  maybe there's a couple different selectors, so you can play a girl who's riding a bronze or a brown.  do you include mating flights, or not?  maybe there's two versions of the game?  i'm not much into politics or civilization simulation, but you could also do that - the setting up the weyr, organization thing... yeah.  then you could come out with: Pern, the Re-Contact Period... Pern, the Epidemic... Pern Colonizes Other Worlds...  Ultimate Warfare: Pern Dragons Vs Congress... ok, maybe not. 

but i figure let's do things right with having a set of requirements.  first, we need the highest set of requirements: customer requirements.  the initial stuff that tells the programmers that people want things done.

here are my customer level requirements:

* I want a game where I, as the player, am flying a Pern-style dragon, flaming threads from the sky.

* I would like to have a chance to fly all the colors present in the books.

* There should be some kind of skill level advancement scheme, so I can have a sense of accomplishment when I play.

now i get to play mom the business owner and tell the engineers we've gotten this great opportunity and we should make it happen in 3 mos.  this is where the fun begins, because dad and i all the engineers will look at me funny and immediately start spouting off issues with the contract and pointing out there's no way we can fulfill it in time with the resources we have.

because really, what do we know about this Pern?  we need a research division to tell us about this planet and culture and this dragon thing.  and also, what are the physics of this thread stuff - not to mention how a dragon could possibly fly, and what it will look like. 

and how complicated is this advancement scheme?  how true-to-life do you want the play to be, what kind of graphics, how about the storyline?  if it's just 'scoot and shoot', that's gotta be boring, right? no? well, we need to reach out to the gaming masses to make sure we get a profit for our time. 

about this time, mom the business owner asks, 'why are you making this so complicated?'

and dad and i the engineers reply, 'have you looked at CGI lately? no?  check out HALO.  do you know how much time it takes to come up with stuff like that?  and they practically storyboard games like movies these days - we better get in touch with the customer and make sure we're giving him/her exactly what they want.

'and also, we're doing this to ISO industry standards, right?  that means we're gonna need to safety check our software.'

'safety check? how could it possibly affect the player's safety?'

'well, it could require so much computational speed that an effort to run the game could generate so much heat on the chips that computer's fans can't get rid of it.  then the chipset could fail, and if it's near a battery that's got an acid leak, this could be catastrophic for the laptop.  it could blow up, in the process buckling the case and throwing the keyboard cover off and sending a surge down the cigarette-lighter-power-adapter it's plugged into.  then the car's computer system overloads, and the driver loses control of the breaks and power steering, and runs into a soft cliff on a deserted mountainside highway. rocks fall, everybody dies.  all because the game required too much power to run.'

'yeah.  we should build this sucker to military standards.'

'oh,' mom the business owner says weakly. 

this is when the HLPTS - high level purchaser technical specifications - get generated, and the fun really begins.

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... beggars would ride, and i'd totally be able to make 'videos' to songs.  i'm not even talking about cutting clips and remixing them to tell a story, just making a montage of stills with different fade-out times that synced with a song. i can't do either.

this post brought to you by youtube )

in completely unrelated news, [ profile] spartanwerewolf , this link's for you:

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i'm finally done with the Vin-dog on my mag7 doggies stitch.  i'm both happy and sad - happy, because he looks great.   sad, because i don't want to stop stitching, but i have other obligations i must spend my time on.  *sigh*.
mag7 doggies stitched... )

-bs, stitchy
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so like i said, i've gotten hooked on supernatural lately, and this morning's ep featured black oil... so of course i had to comment on it in chat:

(10:02:35 AM) boogiemonika: oh god, it's the black oil from x-files!
(10:02:55 AM) halenate1200: or the Black oil from Star Trek next Generation
(10:02:57 AM) boogiemonika: it crept over onto the supernatural set! we're all gonna die!
(10:02:59 AM) boogiemonika: lol
(10:03:08 AM) boogiemonika: it makes the rounds, heh
(10:03:09 AM) halenate1200: or the Black Oil from Nanny McPhee medication
(10:03:48 AM) RMLWJ1: It's actually from Ankh Morpork's harbour ...

we're such geeks, hee.

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so, the trip to Savannah was wildly productive, and i need to write a lot on my LHH profile and linkin profile, and etc.  basically, need to transfer all the written stuff to typed stuff so i have it in a conveniant form.

i'm procrastinating a bit, like i totally shouldn't, because i've finally gotten hooked on supernatural and supernatural fanfic.  i'm not into wincest or RPF/S, which are both big components of SPN fandom.  more power to those who are, but i prefer 'could have been an episode' fics for shows like this, or x-files.  i've found a wonderful list of lists of recs for SPN, but one thing not included in lists, recs, or header sections, are warnings for 'present tense writing'.

i know it's kind of like the new trend of trendiness or something, but i totally hate present tense writing, and i'm taking the time to gripe about it because it's my journal and i can do what i want in here. :-p

and also, i'm griping because maygra has evidently been sucked into SPN fandom, and i'd rather she be writing mag7 stuff.  i'm so selfish, heh.

anyway, such is my state of affairs.

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i got picked up by metafandom *hhjjs*! 


this is so cool!

-bs, *bouncing*
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Or: How To Be True To A Different World, While Not Confusing Your Readers.


Long Meta Essay is Long. And also, YMMV. )



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uff da, it's all i'm saying.  why is it so hard to wake up the monday after vacation?

i'm evidently doing my spring cleaning thing a bit early this year.  i've already cleaned out my closet of extraneous clothing.  since i started with maybe 50 pieces of clothes total, i find myself thinking that i am truly not a feminine female.  i am both amused and bemused by this, imagining various reactions from various people - and characters - i know.  i need to take everything to the good will today, and i shall be done with that chore.

other things to do for spring cleaning:

1) file the year's bills
2) set up the files for next year's bills
3) throw out the two chairs in the back yard (they're getting moldy)
4) start the seed starts
5) put down the coconut fiber matting on the hanging baskets so the dirt doesn't go thru (removed and added to TO-DO List, 1/7/2010, because of the cold weather and this being an outside job)
6) refill the hanging baskets with clean dirt (removed and added to TO DO List 1/7/2010, see item 5)
7) finish cleaning the tub
8) actually get around to *mopping* the floors!
9) with the new plan for the 'front garden' in hand, price out the equipment i need
10) buy one or two 2x6's, cut to appropriate lengths, screw together, raise the bed, put boxes i want to put under the bed (decided to remove this one, 1/6/2010)
11) sort the cross-stitch magazines i kept... (decided to remove this one, 1/6/2010)

i think that's it for the spring cleaning list.  i think i need to add to the 2010 To-Do List a couple pictures for the bathrooms, and a couple of over-the-tank storage units for the bathrooms:  need to buy, paint, and put those together, put in the bathrooms... fill....  and maybe another end-of-the-bed trunk.  i like the one i got, so...

just wanted to mention that i'm not *too* surprised that i haven't gotten Green Day or the meta pieces up and running yet.  with my parents over last week, i really didn't spend any time on them.  i will try to have Green Day up by this next sunday, though.

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meta: 1) - n.  an essay characterized by discussion of little-known factoids that most people in the world don't care about.

2) - v. the process of searching for hours for that one little detail that will make or break your essay, which is too long and kind of incoherent anyway.  and enjoying the search.

-bs, snickering at self
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sooooo..... i've been reading pern-fic for the past couple of days, and squeeing happily over the awesome that is dragons. seriously, dragons just kick ass.

my geekiness, let me show you it! )

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i'm so excited about what farad might write in the 'Green Day' universe i can't even concentrate on my own story. 

*grins at self*

silly horsey.

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 i am sorta getting into it on otw_news - but i hope not too much into it.  cofax7 hit the gender button.  ::ouches::

am i the only one who has gender identity problems who doesn't actually want to change gender, but rather be in a space where the phrases and words like 'masculine', 'feminine', 'girly', 'tomboy' just don't apply?  because i'm a homo sapien sapiens, dammit, and the fact that i don't fall on the damned behavior bell curves is *not* a fuckin' *shameful* thing!

-bs, evidently more torqued off than she realized


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