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just out of curiosity, does anyone in fandom on my flist know of a story that takes the 'Magical Healing Cock' trope (FanLore link) to it's logical conclusion - that of making the character an actual sex therapist?

i seem to recall that there was one AU in The Sentinel fandom where the Sentinel could literally f*ck his Guide into health.  which is kind of a scary thing, now that i think about it, because what happens if you're already healthy when you have sex?  grow the tail that evolved away?  maybe turn on some of the bits of 'junk DNA' left over from millions of billions of years of evolution?  maybe we shouldn't go there.

anyway, i was wondering about this because i suddenly had a vision of the mag7 guys as a collection of psychiatrists/ psychologists/ therapists.  maybe at the '4C Mind and Body Center'.  i thought yeah, that might be interesting.  the 7 of them working in a whole-body health clinic that integrated therapies for their clients.  Josiah, as the oldest and presumably most experienced, could specialize in profiling patients, building a baseline of personality and needs so that the others could tailor the therapies they offered to fit in best. 

Nathan could be in some kind of internist/ nutritional balance/ pharmacist position, specializing in integrating medicinal therapies with patient requirements.  like, how people with blood pressure medications can't eat grapefruit, or how taking St John's Wort may be a good substitute, but it should be treated like a MAOI drug and the diet adjusted accordingly.

Vin could be the physical therapist, knowing how the body moves, and/or is supposed to move and helping people regain their flexibility and muscle movement.

Ezra could be an occupational therapist. :) 

JD could do be the genius who figures out how to handle each patient's accessibility needs, and how to accomodate them.

Chris would be another psychologist, specializing in helping traumatized patients with PTSD and/or wounded warrior type stuff and etc.

And if Buck ain't a sex therapist... i'm not sure where to put him ;)  just call him mr. Dr. Ruth.

this idea is up for grabs, if anyone wants to use it.  i'm tagging this post as a dream-journal entry so it's easier to find.

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sorry for the double post tonight, but i didn't want people to have to go thru the gym stats to get to the dream journal.

I woke up this morning covered in sweat, and dude, 

it wasn't even much of an action dream! )

And then I woke up, because my alarm went off, and the sheets were
soaked through with sweat.

why does it always end when it's just getting good?

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there is absolutely no reason for the title of this post - except that i ran across some of these today while visiting Mobile's battleship park, and instantly fell in love with the idea of shoes issues to submariners to help keep the noise generated while working in a submarine minimal.  kind of awesome.

in other news, i had a fannish dream the other night, and as usual, i'm writing it up for everyone's perusal - and laughter. :-)weird dreams are weird )

and that's today's entry.  well, one last note.  my birthday present from my parents is that Dad's taking me shopping a bit.  Mom suggested a nice top, but i was thinking about buying ballet/sympohny season tix this year, and i think getting the earrings/ necklace to the evening gown i want is a better idea. 

while Dad and i were at the Battleship Park this morning, we met a survivor of the Bataan Death March.  interesting old man with incredible history is interesting.  and incredible!  he said HBO wanted to do a film based on his autobiography of the march, he told them he didn't want to have any cursing or swearing in the script - 'i don't say that, and i don't want to be associated with it!'.  the company contact told him that he wouldn't have any control over that once he signed the contract - so he decided not to sign.  go you, awesome old man!

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so i was driving in to work today, and i saw this car... with tail feathers tied to it's bumper.  Mobile-ites seem to have this thing for attaching trailing things to their car.  the tiger tails i understand - Auburn is the local university, and their mascot is the tiger.  and these 'bumper-feathers' i understood when i passed the car, which was painted out on the door panels with (i think, i was paying more attention to driving) a NA life or battle scene or something.

the one i don't understand was the toy rat tied to *another* car's undercarriage!  it was plush, but really?  i'm all for jokes, but if the driver was responsible, that was non-obvious, heh.

but raptors and their prey were apparently the theme of the day - i saw a falcon or something light on one of the light poles on I10.  that was kind of cool.

and here's one for the dream journal )
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*yawns*  sore throat today - i was probably snoring loudly enough to wake the dead last night.  and not just the local yokals, but i'm sure you could probably but togather a 28 Days Later sequal from the folks who rose up to tell me to *shut* up, heh.

another one for the books )

chair fixin's )

healthy is as healthy does )

the great house savings race )

and that's the state of boogie, today.

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you know you're in the spotlight when... a trip up the stairs into an airplane generates an AP story.  sheesh.  i know it's Ms. Clinton, but really?  are we *that* hard up for political news?  i didn't think so.

i dream of Ghostriders and Wen Specer's Ukiah Oregon cross-overs... )

and then i had to quickly jump out of bed, because i'd slept longer than usual!

and now, i'm poking at Farad, because i seem to remember her telling me she has an idea for my Green Day universe, and she hasn't written it yet, and i still want to read it.  Farad, what say you?

-bs, bemused by her brain
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well, the good news is, my paycheck hit the bank this morning - i'm no longer officially poor, yay!  and also, i can buy a washer and dryer - double yay!

the bad news is... taxes, boo, boo! in which i ramble about fixing the gub'mint )

in other news, the dreams i had last night are fading fast, but let's see if i can't get them down before they disappear.

the first dream )

which seguayed into this dream )

and yes, i have footnotes! )


ETA! )


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well, either aunt flow, or the fact that i can breathe better than i have in almost a year has come with a burst of creativity this week.

the Dunne's Darlin's fanfic list has posted a drabble prompt/challenge of 'christmas traditions, any AU', and i've got an idea for it that takes place in my werewolf AU. it won't be a drabble because i'm *not* a master of the tight form(*), and i need to dig up some stuff about dad's dad, but i think it will be decent humor when i get done.

i finally got around to a first read-through of FaraD's beta commentary on 'Green Day' (thanks again, Fara!), and i found myself both nodding right along with it, and being inspired to finish my series of essays on What Makes a Good Story. i have the essay on Characterization and Oomph Factor left, and some of FaraD's commentary seemed to be perfect jumping off points for those. i've been holding off because it can be difficult to describe what either of those subjects mean to me, much less how to do them well. so i'm officially thanking FaraD for more than just her beta comments. :-)

and third, i had the most *awesome* dream last night.

Dream of Awesome, Part 1 )
(TBC: I have a meeting to attend!)
(ETA: I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I hate CMMI, too. Just for the record.)

Second Half of the Dream )

-bs, happy

(*): drabbles are the prose version of the haiku. when it works, it's an amazing gut-punch of emotion and clarity and awe, and when it flops, it flops *hard*. like most things, it's *much* harder to make it work than make it flop.


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