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ok, so i just went on a friending frienzy.  basically, i clicked my 'magnificen seven' link in the interests section of my profile, and added everyone who came up.

i highly suspect this journal is going to primarily a place where i keep fanfic.  but i also want to prep in case most of fandom really does come over here, so i'm likely to do this in the near future as well. 

for those interested, fandoms i'm likely to use to fill out my f-list are Magnificent 7; Highlander; Sentinel; SG-1; Valdemar; Pern.  i will probably also look for communities similar to crack_van and fanthropology over here.  'tis the season after all.

i am not sure how active this journal will be - i noticed as i was friending people that a lot of folks haven't really posted anything yet or aren't really all the way over here.  i'm part of that 'not all the way over here' group.  i pretty much need to stay active on LJ, because a lot of my friends are there who are otherwise unassociated with fandom. 

also, i don't really lock a lot of my posts, so much of my friending is for my own conveniance.

if, for any reason, you would like me to unsubscribe from your journal, just comment here, or send me a message.  i don't check this everyday, so i may not get to it right away, but i'll respect your wishes.


test post

Jun. 3rd, 2009 08:05 pm
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finally poking around a bit.  this is just a test post to see what things look like.



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