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From the beginning of the 2015 To-Do List Post:

It's taken me longer than normal to do the goals post for 2015. The large part of this is that I've been sick. In fact, I'm sick again as I write this. However, this too, shall pass, and it's time to get busy.

I had to laugh at that  when I re-read it today, as I have been sick again this year, right when I was supposed to do this post and the following post, which is the 2016 list.  These 2 posts are the only 2 posts I feel like I 'have' to do every year, because they give me things to work for.

That said, let's see what's happened this year...

Manning the Manor )

Adventures in Gardening )

Yard-ly yard stuff )

my SCA campsite is coming together! )

Crafty, but not with these items, lol )

fannish endeavors )
Personal organization, non-healthy choices, and attempts at furniture... sometimes )

what i did - and didn't - get this year )
And that's the state of the year, last year.  This weekend, I'll also post the 2016 To-Do List.

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You might have heard the news today the David Bowie died of cancer. The man was a real talent in the music world, and I love his works. I especially loved Jareth and the muscial score to Jim Hensen's Labryinth.

Bowie also has my admiration and respect for overcoming drug and/or alcohol addictions, and even better, figuring out his finances and getting himself out of the debt of his early career. (If you've never read about how the music world and advances work, it's a real eye-opener.)

At an rate, let's all raise a glass to David and his success on the next stage in his journey.

It's only forever, David - that's not long at all.

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It's taken me longer than normal to do the goals post for 2015. The large part of this is that I've been sick. In fact, I'm sick again as I write this. However, this too, shall pass, and it's time to get busy.

Maintaining the Manor )

Updating the manor )

SCA Garden )

Keeping up with the Joneses )

SCA life )

Stitching Crazy )

Fanlife goals )

Administrative duties )

Health is a priority )

One day, I will finish this chair! )

My Greed List )
-boogie the busy
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i'm warning you now, i'm going to be talking about menstruation in this post, and i'm NOT going to lj-cut it tastefully, for reasons you'll see in a bit.

today, the lady who cleans our jobsite asked me how i was doing. she's a friendly sort, and we're happily snarky at each other, and so i want you to know that when i said i was a little tired, it was not a surprise that she asked why. i said, 'the same reason i was tired yesterday: hormones!'

which is basically shorthand for 'i'm on my period, and it tends to make me tired if i'm not drinking enough water, which i'm not doing right now, because i'm trying to keep up with christmas stuff, and also, please insert list of hormonal changes that take place during a period here, because they all tend to be distracting and make me cranky.'

cleaning!lady grinned because she knew what i was talking about, and i complained that i really didn't understand why i'm not supposed to talk about periods - or more specifically, their hormonal effects on the body - in polite company, because having a period is a normal experience, and i hate having to skirt a conversation that's relevant to me every day in some manner.

this is one of the more irritating things in life for me, and i related to cleaning!lady that the last time someone brought up the joke about women living together syncing their cycles together, i kind of went off on them about how stupid that joke was.

let's look at the numbers, shall we?

there are roughly 350 million people in the US. half of them (175 million) are female. assume half of those females are of menstruating age - 87.5 million people. there are 30 days in the month. 87,500,000 / 30 = 290,190 females are starting their periods *every day*. That's more than twice as many as the US soldiers killed in action in WW1 (according to this site).

i ended my rant at the joker with something along the lines of 'of *course* more than 1 female in your acquaintance is going to be on their period at any one time - you only need contact with 30 women between the ages of 10 and 50 to have a decent chance that someone is starting to bleed, in the middle of bleeding, or ending their period at any one time! Not even 30, since periods are 3-7 days, depending on the person!'

to his credit, said joker gave me the 'that... makes sense' look - you know, the look that you get when you suddenly see something from the other side of the perception spectrum and it *makes sense* what other people are saying. i had to laugh at it - the light bulb over his head was nearly *visible*. it helped that i knew he was joking in a 'positive' sense - that is, not making the punchline a failing of the gender or otherwise stating the joke in a negative manner. i don't think i could have ranted coherently at someone who'd *really* made me angry - i tend to spit and become rather *incoherent* when i'm *really* mad. it helped that my rant was not in an accusatory tone, and that he understood i was just generally irritated at something i perceived to be stupid, and not focusing on him as a bad guy or sexist, because he isn't.

and all this goes back to - why *can't* we talk about menstruation as an artifact of every day life? i don't necessarily mean the gross details, although they would be appropriate in similar forums as poop discussions. and people talk about the quality of poop, never doubt it, if only because waste output can be a signifier of health. quality, length of disposal time, coloration - all things people find appropriate times and places to discuss... granted, not in the office(1), but they can apologize with something general if they're late because of ill gut-health, and they can take a day off and explain that they had really bad diarrhea and nobody really bats an eye.

but you can't explain that you ate too much salt the night before your period started and leave it at that. for one thing, the male half of the population generally has no idea what that actually implies. for another, most men just check out when you mention 'period' or 'menstruation', as if you were starting to talk about the intimate details of your sex life. 3rd, when i have had discussions with men who were politely curious - and wouldn't stop with my 'oh, girl stuff today, so give me time to get through coffee or tea' - the men have had NO IDEA that a) experiences of periods vary from person to person b) the 'symptomology' could be as *wide* as it is or even c) what those symptoms are beyond bleeding and a tendency towards irritability.

in the first world, this is a cultural failing. women and men interact in the job, socially, informally, professionally... we have to work with each other and that entails understanding each other on a basic level. more than that, we have a duty to inform our children, male and female both, about how our bodies work and what the effects can be. most of what men know is hearsay - they're not usually invited to talks on menstruation in sex ed class. i understand why, but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate place for them to ask questions. hence, if the guy doesn't have sisters pushing him around, he's kinda screwed when it comes to learning about these things.

and so are our female children. when i was young, there was this definite feel that 'menstruation happens, and you're a woman, and it's magical!' and don't forget the joyous nature of womanhood... there was no talk about the effects of the hormones that promoted menstruation on a girl's or woman's body. no talk about what it feels like or what's normal. that's a really *big* disservice to our children. when the ads for PMDD medication describe 'heavy menstrual flow' as a reason to start taking pills, i know exactly who they're targeting - everyone who is in the dark about 'normal', and that's *nearly everyone* all by itself.

take the example of my brother: i remember my sister and i educating my brother on why we needed the menstrual supplies we did, and how a flow 'works' over the days. (brother was more questioning quantity of supplies, not requirement of supplies.) i clearly remember him positing 'well, if one pad lasts 8 hrs, then...' 'oh, no - it doesn't work that way *at all*!' we told him, and then explained the fact that one pad has a certain amount of hold capacity, which may not be achieved in 8 hrs, or could be over-run in less than *1* hr, depending on when during the cycle it is, how heavy your flow *normally* is, and your activity at the time of... well... flowing, for lack of a better word. to me, this is very basic knowledge of how a female body works. this is knowledge of menstruation *without* all the details, and yet, an awful lot of the men i've had occasion to discuss this very basic female function with don't even know *this* much?

and frankly, i'm tired of it being a mystery. it's not a one-size-fits-all experience, but explaining that Tina down the street comes from a family who gets light periods with few symptoms, and so has a different experience from myself who has middle-range symptom severity heavily influenced by activity level, salt and water and carb intake, and we both have a different experience that the poor woman across the street who gets migraines and death-by-cramps-even-with-doses-of-oxycodone-and-yes-she's-on-BC pills, and all of *us* have a different experience than the aboriginal native women in australia who are lucky to reach two hands' worth of periods in their entire life - trying to *explain* that when we have a cultural barrier against it is difficult to insane.

and it's not like it doesn't affect *everyone*, and *all the time*. i don't mean 'normal' is always bleeding, which *would* be a health issue. but rather, planning ahead to get supplies, including the midol which says it's 'good for fatigue' and tends to put you asleep instead because the concurrent effect of relieving the tension headache and back pain allows enough relaxation to finally *get* quality sleep. activities are planned around the period for many women - no swimming if i'm bleeding, because my preferred method of blood catching is a feminine napkin. rough camping with no trashcans or modern facilities can be a pain. sleep schedules can be mildly disturbed a couple days before starting, and i, at least, am usually a little scatter-brained and sluggish while i'm going. this affects work, but not enough to 'be a problem', just enough to be really annoying. in a sense, even during not-bleeding, women are being affected by their periods, because the regularity of it - both bleeding and not bleeding - is a sign of health in and of itself.

and because the male half of the population is dealing with the female half, *they're* affected by periods, too. everyday, because in a locus that has 30+ women in it - ie, everywhere, just about - someone is going through menstrual symptoms pre-, concurrent-, or post-, at any one time.

menstruation? is not, or should not be, a mystery, to either gender. it's a *completely normal* facet of life, and we should be able to discuss it like mature adults. i don't expect to discuss everything at the office in fine detail. but it shouldn't be a shock that the women at the office sometimes need a break because hormones, because that stuff happens. we should be able to discuss how it feels in casual conversation, the way people discuss how it felt to hack up a lung during their recent bout with a cold, or how mothers discuss the joys and pains of epidurals when birthing without wondering how it sounds. or the colors of poo the baby produced yesterday in the diaper. yeah, maybe not *office* material, but a general understanding that the human body is a wonderfully complex machine, and this is one of it's functions. less savory than some, but still.

and because it shouldn't be a mystery to anyone, i'm NOT going to put this behind a cut. because that's a PC move and i'm tired of that shit. and i haven't even gotten to my own experiences, which should be done, to de-mystify 'average' for people. but i do hope this post generates conversation and questions, because that's the only way people learn.

-boogieshoes, in her ranty-hat

(1) except in my industry, where i just had a serious discussion with my male colleague about why the ATA 38 guys might have had a hand in designing our equipments' computer-controller-thing. and even being *very* and *deliberately* vague, it got pretty gross pretty quick...
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So I wanted to post my Christmas pie-in-the-sky wishlist, because I’m feeling really greedy.

greedy christmas wish list here )

Whatever holidays you celebrate, whether with religious observances or commercial delights or an exuberance of both, Happy Holidays!

-boogieshoes, humming 'Walking in Women's Underwear'
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I think i can get 5 things into here...

  1) I've been watching Game of Thrones lately, and I do have to say it's beautifully done, andGoT babble )

2) so... i've been working on a commission embroidery piece for a friend.  Pictures here: I *loved* working on this piece.  I couldn't put it down.  80 hours and a lot of new-to-me stitches later, i had a finished piece that i really liked the effect of.  I especially liked the bird wings - i did those with buttonhole bars.  most people seem to like the sheep, which is something like 400 french knots.  I also like mr. scott's hair, which is a blended needle, done in bullion knots.  *really* effective.  and you can see *vast* improvement in my split stitch from left (mr scott) to right (noble lord guy).  lot of fun, looking to do more of this in the future.

3)i've also been watching outlander.  i'm sort of miffed that they sold 'season 1 volume 1' and now i need volume 2 to finish the season... because, of course, Jaime and Claire are in a sticky situation at the last ep in volume 1.  This is a series i recommend watching.  Another cable channel series, another series based on books.  the cast and crew are *fantastic*, research for costuming is bloody amazing.  there's a lot of political stuff going on in there, and it helps to have at least a small foundation of history between England and Scotland, but it's not necessary.  beautiful, beautiful scenery of Scotland.

and that's my drama lately.

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my birthday is next week.  high on my "most wanted" list is a steamy Escorts AU fanfic.

Buck/ Chris anything.

Supernatural anything.

Kidfic with Buck or Chris the little ones (but not Buck and Chris both little in the same fic).

Sequal to "Loser Takes All" - what happens the next time someone gets in trouble? ;)

I have a special love for Vin is psychic/ gifted in some fashion stories.

I quite like the Yellowstone AU - gen or slash, more please?

Crack!fic... wing fic.... Crossover fic - i lover "Xander's real parents (Xander from BtVS)";  love the Highlander AU fics; how about some more Sentinel/ Mag7 fics, any time, any place, Sentinels known or not. :-)

All that, and if the Lord and Lady are truly pleased with me - a break in the weather.  I'm getting tired of 80% humidity and 95F weather....

-boogieshoes, humming
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i haven't posted for a while.  i think i need to re-dl semagic, because i can't find it.  but anyway,  the real thing is, i've been kind of exhausted for the past week or so, and i'm not sure why.  probably a little burn out at work, coupled with roommate being dramatic at home, coupled with ennervating heat.  maybe coupled with a concerted effort to stick more closely to the LCHF diet than i've done up to this point.  i'm not sure.  the point is, i'm tired, and it's really easy to get depressed when i'm tired.

or rather i should say, it's really easy to let the depression get the best of me when i'm tired.  and it makes me sigh.  and wonder if i'm really worth anything to anybody, etc etc, insert cliches that became cliches because they're so very true here.  i hate depression because whenever i'm tired, i don't just 'get tired', it's like the 'negative messages' tape gets turned on full blast.  it's always there, but usually in the background.  then i get tired for whatever reason, and suddenly, the messages are loud, and even if part of me thinks it's stupid, the other part is pretty sure those bad tapes... are correct.  i hate that.  i hate that i can't seem to root out and pitch the tape.  and i hate that it's so ready to ambush me at the worst times.

and i hate that sometimes going on vacation is a source of anxiety - will anyone talk to me?  will they even notice me?  of course they do, but still...  it's so much harder to *go* on vacation than *be* on vacation, because my brain insists on worrying that nobody cares and i'll be ignored, especially when i'm feeling the very human need to connect to people.

and this is getting more whiney than i was going to be, sigh, which i also hate - that i sound whiney even to myself when i complain about depression.

it's just... i'm tired, and need a break.  (from the depression - i'm not in a place where i need help.  i am in a place where i'm frustrated with my own issues, and projecting myself into the Escorts AU is even more frustrating, because as a client, it'd be like 'dude, i just want to go hang out with someone, and is it not the saddest thing i have to *hire* a friend to do that?!'  and sadly, or perhaps just fucked-up-ed-ly, i want more Escorts stories because i love them.  even though they tend to hit my 'i'm completely pathetic button' along with a lot of my kink buttons.  i'm so weird.)

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Part of my 'annual chore list' is going through the goal list from the year before, and commenting on what got done and what didn't, and then making a new list for the coming year.

This is the commentary post for last year's list. I'll post the 2015 list tomorrow - both of these posts are very long, so feel free to skip entirely.

Maintaining the house... the not fun part of the job... )

Updating the house room by room... )

The Garden was a success! now for next year.... )

3 acres is a lot of land.... )

SCA stuff - better than other things, not quite as complete as i wanted )

I feel like i stitched a lot - how come i didn't get a lot done? )

It's a good thing my hobby is cute... because i spend more time reading than writing! )

Personal organization seems further away than ever.... )

Health progress is 50/50 )

Furniture? They make that stuff? )

What did I buy this year? (wishlist) )

In sum, I am not as in shape as I wish, and it limits what I physically am able to do at any one time.  Also, being a screaming introvert limits my energy levels after work.  I've long known I'm more ambitious than my physical abilities. Hopefully, my abilities will catch up as I continue to work on various muscle-intensive projects.

On the other hand, there is clear evidence that I *am* improving, physically, and I have learned a lot from my garden, and my yard *is* improving.  I'm having a lot of fun, even as I moan and groan my way through things.  I do wish I was more easily able to save money, though.  Financial stability is something I really value, having been borderline-poor.

-boogie, tired from the year...

happy 2015!

Jan. 5th, 2015 06:44 pm
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happy new year to all and sundry!

it's kind of weird to know it's only 5 days into the new year, and i'm already 'behind'. I was going to do some heavy posting this last weekend, since I normally drive home from my parents' lakehouse on friday. i drove friday this year, too, but unfortunately, one of my Dad's gifts to me was a touch of flu.

so i've been sleeping and recovering. in fact, i took today off sick because i still felt headachy and lung-cruddy. and also, because flu is extremely contagious, and this year's flu shot 'missed' the main strain that decided to break out*. it was kind of funny - i called my lead 2x, and the first time my voice was hoarse, but i managed to leave a message. the second time, 2 hours later, i ended up in a coughing jag instead of a message. hung up and said 'yeah, so i'm staying home, yo,' and flopped back onto the bed.

in any event, here are the posts i need to make in this journal:

1) finalize the 2014 to-do list with commentary and updates.
2) write the 2015 to-do list
3) trip to see grandpa, owed for 2 yrs now :-p (this is actually mostly written, i just need to get it *up*)
4) trip to germany, the non-business side

on another community list, more SCA-oriented, i need to post the introduction for a series of 'missing (knowledge) links' for various crafts.

since i am going to try to go to work tomorrow, i'll also start trying to post tomorrow.

-boogieshoes, coughing and sniffling

*i always get the yearly flu shot, and recommend taking it if you can get and aren't allergic or somethingexplanatory note that got waaay to long )
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The To-Do List is undergoing a lot of changes from the 2013 version, mostly based on lessons learned, and with a goal to keeping better track of all the things I *really* do, which don’t always get put on the list.  The better I know how much I actually do, the less I feel like a slacker when things on this list don’t get done.

the house that boogie built )

Rosemary's Garden... )

SCA where my heart lies )

Mmmm, counted embroidery )

This is not the canon you're looking for... )

Now serving customer #1 )

I shall have my health )

BS the Carpenter )


-bs, busy as a bee

ETA1: 22 Mar, first major update
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wishing everyone happy holidays this winter - or summer for those south of the equator - season.  as usual, i'll be driving all day tomorrow, so won't have a chance to post good wishes then, or for the next week.

however!  i did find the secret to uploading pics, so hopefully, i can do some much needed posting when i get back.

happy holidays!

-bs, in sleigh bells
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working on the image upload thing.  apparently i'm not the only one who's having issues uploading images.

if this works, you should see a picture of me in my hallowe'en costume.me_in_costume

please reply to this post and tell me if you can  see the pic.  also, i aplogize if i break your flist.

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so i generally am not part of the gamer community, and was completely unaware of #gamergate until seawasp posted to his lj a link to his opinion on the matter. and after reading through links to figure out what was going on and the major players and stuff, i decided two things:

1) gamergate is completely insane.

2) Chris Kluwe's rant is a thing of beauty and a joy to read.

a word of warning: this rant is full of profanity.  it is not safe for work or little kids....

but it is some of the most creative profanity and awesome turns of phrase i have read in a long, long time, and aside from the topic, i was marvelling at the man's mastery of the english language.  you should read it.  seriously, go read it.

what makes this piece so awesome is that it's entirely apparent that Kluwe doesn't *need* profanity to make his point.  he understands the language and how to use it.  even better, there are a number of cultural references in the piece that indicate someone who at least paid attention in history class, if not being well-read outside the traditional school curriculum.

and he's white, male, and a former NFL player.  it's distinctly refreshing to be able to read something like this from a 'personality', especially a sports figure, and especially that it's hard for me to remember an athlete on the news that spoke intelligently at all, and/or wasn't abusing the women in his life.  *shakes head*

refreshing, i say.  REFRESHING.

-bs, in awe of a master
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Sorry I'm a bit late on this; had the kind of week last week I'd've rather have left behind. At any rate, link to the poll about whether or not interruptions were rude.

Now, I'm going to explain the context. As I'd said in the previous post, the context of the poll was supposed to be a casual conversation, and at no time did any kind of emergency happen.

the conversation that did happen... )

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Spent the last couple days reading Pern-fic, and decided there just wasn't enough Pern-fic in the world. Then the opening line to this came to me at lunch....

in which Chris drinks coffee... )

-bs, giggling like an idiot
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last week my mother was in the house, and while she was here, she challenged me to turn 'wheat' into 'bread' via wordladder (ie, changing only one letter at a time).

"i want to see what you come up with," she said.

i came up with a website. *grin*

-bs, snarky
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i've been having major drama with my computer lately, culminating with an emergency buy this weekend. follow along the story now:

so the guest room is being done in 'bad victoriana impression of ancient egyptian' (because an accurate rendering of ancient egyptian furniture, even for the pharoah, would make guests run, instead of be delighted...), and the stencil being used to put grout lines on the wall got, well, gummy, as repeat stencils tend to do. and i decided to clean it with acetone.

this was my first mistake, because i had the acetone sitting higher than my toshiba laptop, and i was tired, and knocked the bottle over, and it splashed on the toshiba. i let it dry, but the keyboard was fried. so i went and bought a cheapy plug-in mouse and keyboard. then i started having problems with weird input bugs, and i thought it might be the old keyboard reading stuff even though i was using the plug-in. i researched at work, dl'd instructions to take out the on-board keyboard, had second thoughts, and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. the wireless combo worked for a while, especially after i updated the java script that runs things.

then the input bug came back. and i got frustrated friday night, and decided to finally take the inboard keyboard out... mistake #2.

i killed the toshiba. so Saturday morning i went to the local target, and bought new laptop. and an external hard-drive. then i went to the computer repair shop and asked if i could get a data transfer, and a downgrade to windows 7.

the data transfer was relatively successful. they didn't manage to get some of the programs across - like pidgin, the chat client, adobe reader, openoffice - but they got most of the files across, and did get mozilla firefox and thunderbird across. they got my old email file (yay!), but unfortunately, they didn't get my old bookmark file across. which sucks.

so monday (one of those short saturday/ closed sunday places), i picked up the laptop and brought it home and began to remove the crap windows insists on putting on their new boxes. i'd managed to put pidgin back on the new lappy, and gotten to the chatrooms - always the hardest part of a new machine for me - so i could have help if i needed it.

until i deleted the 'bluetooth thing'. yes, mistake number 3. see, i think bluetooth, and think the schizophrenic phone or smartphone type things. i don't think WLAN drivers... guess what this was? back to the computer store, sigh. and out more $$ to get them to undo my stupidity.

needless to say, i'm no longer going to be fixing my own computer. the local repair shop are nice people and don't make fun of me. at least while i'm in the store, hah.

anyway, i need to rebuild my bookmark file, so i'm taking favorite links in the comments for fanfic, writing tips, neat places to shop... etc.

-boogieshoes, the extremely frustrated
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ok, so i'm partially trying this poll thing out, and partially really curious.  for the question below, assume the context is a casual conversation, with no emergencies in the offing.  i don't want to influence anyone's answers prematurely, so i'll post my own answer in a few days to a week.

also, if you choose to comment anonymously for whatever reason, sign your post in some manner, even 'anonymous 1', so a conversation thread can be followed.

[Poll #1981794][Poll #1981794]

-bs, curious
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does anyone use garden planning software? or a home and garden designer software like the Punch! series, or the stuff by Chief Architect? anyone got a preference?

i used the old graph paper and pencil method, but i'd like to have some things automated if i could - like generating a planting calender for my zone. problem: i'm trying to do a formal garden in a sq ft garden-size plot. this works out well on paper, but i've yet to find a piece of freeware that works at all for it. and i'm hesitant to drop a bunch of money on software when it may or may not be applicable to my needs.

the freeware plant libraries tend to be too small, or the graphics don't resize, or the grid doesn't resize, or whatever. the $$-d stuff mostly seems to be aimed at home renovation, not gardening.

so basically, i'm looking for some reviews.

-bs, beginner gardener


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