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not maliciously, but in that way that well-meaning people often 'work' to sabotage a diet.

so, for those not up on my diet drama - which, honestly, i don't talk about a lot, so you may not be familiar - my metabolic system is apparently similar to or exactly like people with metabolic syndrome.  basically, what this means in the short version is that to lose weight,  i have to keep my carbohydrate load down fairly severely during the day.  i'm estimating 40 grams, but that by no means is exact, it's based on what i can eat that stops the weight loss, vs what doesn't stop the weight loss.

what that means in practical terms is anything that remotely looks like bread or incorporates wheat is right out.  sadly, a lot of fruits and several vegetables are out, too.  candy, chips, ice cream - all out.  and of the things i can eat, some of them - like blueberries, and unprocessed lactose milk proteins - i can't eat because they set off my ibs/ i'm intolerant, etc.

so i'm fairly stuck with: lots of meat, most herbs, a decent selection of cheeses (most are cured enough for me to handle, i start having trouble at blue cheeses, bries, cottage cheese, etc), and eggs.

sounds great - i can have all the bacon i can eat, right?  and ommelettes every day. and steak.  and ribs and bbq - oops, gotta watch the sauce!  honestly, what i have to stick with to lose weight is not so bad.

it's what i *can't* eat that gets to me.  not because i can't eat it, but because everyone else is blissfully eating it.

for example:

this week:
1) we had donuts on tues at the office
2) donuts today at the office
3) roommate said he'd bought an apple pie, and i was welcome to eat some.
4) there's chips on the counter - roommate again

the last few weeks, it's been:
bagels and donuts at work every day
my lead offering blueberries
my roommate making a chocolate-chocolate bundt cake.  with chocolate icing.
my roommate buying donuts to bring home
my roommate buying cookies
my roommate asking if i wanted fries with that (which is *really hard to resist, because FRIES*)
cupcakes at work.

we went out last week to Jason's Deli, which should, by rights, be a healthy establishment.  If you can actually eat bread - i can't.

seriously, anyone who tells you this is easy to do is an ass.  i *resent* the fact that i can't just casually add a plain bagel and cream cheese to my diet.  and despite what people say, that's 1, thank you.  and salads are a no-go because i can't stand basalmic and vinegrette dressings, and tomatoes = sugar dump.

so, incidentally, is chili with beans.  that's right, chili.  can't eat a lot of soups and stews - often made with tomato soup.

it's a nightmare, because, as i said, it's *everywhere*.  one of the things local kids do for their organizations is sell krispy kreme donut boxes.  on street corners.  so you're driving around, and here's this huge stack of  carb-o-licious boxes, and general peer pressure says you're mean if you don't buy at least 1.

i dare anyone who thinks dieting with a metabolic issue like this is just 'eat less, exercise more' to take a pencil and paper and write down *every time they see free carbs in the workplace*.  that's just for starters.

it's not easy, it takes tremendous will-power, and i want to kick several well-meaning people in the 'nads for sabotaging my diet!

-boogie, done ranting
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