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I can't say that it's going to be the only *political* post this year, because I have rants a-brewing, even though I never seem to have the energy to post them.  Undoubtedly, there'll be some politics in there, because it can be hard to disentangle politics from some of these issues. 

But this will be the only post I make regarding the over-media'd election this fall.

So it's that time again, where all the USians in the world struggle to figure out the best person to run the country, and wonder why we don't have decent candidates to vote for.  For myself, I generally hate November every 4 years, as the big stresser to me is the fact that abortion rights and gun rights are both things that I hold very dear - and they're both things generally used as platforms... on the opposite side of the aisle from each other.

I am not alone in this, and I suspect a lot of people would agree with me that these two issues don't have to be the polarizing ones they've become, if only we could find a suitable candidate.

This year is even worse than normal.  The two major candidates are Trump and Clinton.  Trump would be a disaster.  Clinton is a straight-up politician who lies as easily as breathing.  (Note, I don't think Hillary is any different from other politicians, but all of them tend to make me want to upchuck. Violently.)  I don't like either option, so I will, once again, be voting for Gary Johnson, who is indeed running as a third-party candidate.

Now, I realize my choice is not for everybody.  But I do think that I share something in common with a lot more people than usual this year:  the total frustration of our current two-party political system. 

And it may seem that it's especially useless to vote this year, what with Trump and Hillary being the only ones typed on the ballot. But I think that if one of those two candidates wins the electoral college, but not the popular vote, then this year, things might come to a head, and a referendum or Constitutional Amendment may be able to be passed - one which will reform the voting system to more accurately reflect the people of the United States' wishes.  I think right now we're dealing with a Political House of Lords in practice, with no commensurate House of Commons, even in theory.  That irritates the snot out of me.

You might disagree with the potential here, but think about this:

If Trump won 15% of the popular vote, and Hilary won 17%, the current system would count Hilary the winner, even though it is evident that the majority of those who actually voted this year didn't want her in office.  If the collective third-parties and independent runners had 78% of the total votes cast, I'd say the 'winner' would have a clear problem,  because obviously 78% of people didn't want Hillary or Trump in office enough to vote for them.  I think if people saw something like happen, it might be enough to chivvy our population into a campaign to reform how the electoral college works or even to do away with it entirely.

But to do this, you have to get out and vote.  In fact, the more I hear people might actually stay home because 'the only candidates are Trump and Clinton', the more I urge everyone to go to the polls in November. 

Again, my political choices may not be yours.  But to ensure you know who's running, the government actually has a website listing all of the candidates that registered.  There are joke candidates, so you may have to do some weeding out.  But there's also a fair number of serious candidates who are running because *they* can't stand the two big political parties either.

But, if you go through the list of candidates on that website, and still can't find one to suit your tastes,  remember that all you need to run for the President of the United States is:

1) To be born a citizen of this country
2) To be 35 years of age
3) To have lived 14 years (not necessarily consecutively) within the borders of the United States

It's an explicit, Constitutional right delegated to the people of the United States, and there are NO amendments detracting from these conditions.

This means I could, if I felt like it, write in Micheal Beihn.  Or Richard Dean Anderson.  And believe me, I've been tempted to do so from time to time.

Alas, I can't write in Chris Larabee...



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